December 5, 2020

$1.8M drug bust in Troup County

Courtesy of  Melanie Ruberti/The Lagrange Daily News

(Lagrange, GA) — Two men were behind bars in the Troup County Jail on Friday after law enforcement officials discovered an estimated $1.8 million of suspected cocaine in the tractor-trailer they were riding in.

Roberto Garza Bazan, 65, and Luis Ivan Moreno, 21, both of Rio Grande City, Texas, were arrested during a traffic stop on Interstate 85 northbound about 10 p.m. Thursday.

The Georgia State Patrol stopped the semi for a traffic violation and asked for assistance from the Troup County Sheriff’s Office when a trooper suspected the driver and passenger might be hiding something inside the vehicle.

Bazan and Moreno agreed to allow the trooper and deputy to inspect the vehicle, which was hauling fruit from around the Mexico border to Atlanta, said Troup County Sheriff James Woodruff.



Roberto Garza Bazan (L) and Luis Ivan Moreno (R) were arrested during a traffic stop on I-85 northbound Thursday.


  1. James Guiler says

    It’s great to get that before it hit the streets.. To bad it wasn’t cash… Little towns like ours sure could have used a 1.8M dollar siezure… But a tractor trailer and the dope off the street is a good stop… Way to go guys…. Thaks for everything you do to protect our families ..

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