July 20, 2018

141st Annual Flat Rock Camp Meeting

(Franklin, GA) — The Flat Rock Camp Meeting, the longest running event in Heard County history, is once again planned to take place this year from August 16-20.

This will be the 141st edition of the camp meeting taking place at the Flat Rock Campgrounds about four miles west of Franklin. The campground was originally built in 1876 and meetings have been held continuously ever since.

Two years after its inception, an open-air arbor was added. The unique structure is made of hand-hewn beams that were cut and pieced together with wooden pegs. According to the ‘Heard County History’ book published in 1991, the structure was constructed by a bride builder named Mr. Foster James on 20 acres of land donated by Mr. A.D. Lashley.

Families built cabins or ‘tents’ around the arbor for use during the meetings and some still exist today.

In the early days of the camp, lights for the arbor were kerosene lamps. A fire built of light wood and other materials would light up the entire campground.

For years, no refrigeration was available, so a big pit was dug and blocks of ice were put in and covered with sawdust. It kept the meats and perishables safe.

The camp meeting, an outdoor, continuous religious service, became a fixture of Georgia’s religious life in the 19th century.

Originally a Methodist establishment, the campground has no denomination now and the oversight is provided by a group of trustees.

The trustees are now working towards being incorporated as a non-profit 501 (c)(3) corporation.

Everyone in the community is invited to attend this year’s meeting August 17-21.

Josh Rhye will be over the “Youth Service” on Wednesday, with Pastor Lynn Janney from Ridgeway Baptist Church preaching the Thursday night service.

Friday night’s service will feature Pastor Brett Matthews from First United Methodist Church of Franklin. Pastor Dennis Farr from Freedom Baptist Church in Lagrange will oversee the Saturday evening service and the Sunday morning service.

Services will begin at 7:00 PM each night Wednesday-Saturday and the Sunday morning service will begin at 11:00 AM. All are invited to attend.


  1. Joe McGrady says:

    Is there a natural spring somewhere on the Flat Rock Campground?

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