July 28, 2021

2011 Iron Brave Awards

The varsity Iron Brave competition was held over three days last week at the high school and the results are in. The 4th annual competition is an athletic/weight lifting event that is the culmination of lots of effort and hard work by coaches and kids from all sports during summer work-outs. Events consist of Bench press, Squats, Power Cleans, 40 yard dash, 300 yard shuttle run, and the broad jump. The top 10 participants are proclaimed the Iron Braves and each receive t-shirts signifying their accomplishments. Each athlete scores between 1 and 30 points for each of the six events. For the first time the event was dominated by a speedy junior Mr. Qua Reid who finished on top with 156 points including a very impressive 4.4 in the 40 yard dash. Not far behind were Tyler Wynn (143 pts), Tae Freeland (135 pts), and sophomore QB/LB Jonathan Hunt (134 pts). Senior Tyler Wynn took home the separate award for the weight competition by lifting a total of 970 pounds in the three big weightlifting events. Notably,  Duranta Dunson was very impressive as he finished 6th (130 pts) which was the highest ever finish for a 9th grader. Fellow freshman Elijah Toney also finished impressively in the top 10 as well. Strength and conditioning coach Rich Fendley stated that he was most proud of the great participation this year as over 100 kids competed in the event including 40+ kids from HCMS who had their own competition. (The Citizen will have full coverage of the HCMS Iron Brave later this week)

Iron Braves 2011

1. Qua Reid     156 pts.
2. Tyler Wynn  143
3. Tae Freeland 135
4. Jonathan Hunt 134
5. Tori Rogers  130
6. Duranta Dunson 130
7. Dresden Thornton 126
8. Dillion Bradley 115
9. Cody Bell      110
10. Elijah Toney 110
11. Jake Edwards  110

Weight Champ – Tyler Wynn 970 lbs.


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