August 1, 2021

2012-2013 Braves Varsity Cheerleaders

Congratulations to all the girls who were just named yesterday to the 2012-2013 Heard High Braves varsity cheerleading squad!

The team will consist of five seniors, four juniors, four sophomores, and three freshman.

The 16 girls will be sporting brand new uniforms and there will be no junior varsity cheerleaders.

The new head cheerleading coach will be Jennifer Jones. It should be an exciting year especially with the birth of the new region and new rivalries.

Lehh Go Braves !!!


  1. Faye Bright says

    Congratulations Dallis Watts, great job and to all the other varsity Braves cheerleaders!


  1. […] year’s cheerleaders are Meagan Lane, Tyesha Wright, Hannah Wiggins, Taylor Wiggins, Gracie Rowe, Abbie Padgett, Nicole […]

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