January 23, 2022

2014 Bravy Awards Nominee List

(Franklin) — Heard County Middle School and HeardCitizen.com are excited to announce the nominees for the 3rd annual Bravy Awards Show. The Bravy Show will take place at the HCMS gym on May 21, 2014 beginning at 6:30 p.m.

It will be the third year for this event which will feature entertainment and the presentation of several county-wide awards to athletes, coaches, cheerleaders, and even team managers.

Entertainment for the show will include performances by the HCMS Show Choir.

HCMS student Caylee Meacham will perform the National Anthem and Pastor Neil Awbrey will lead everything off with an invocation. Below is a list of all of the nominees for this year’s Bravys. Nominees are asked to arrive by 6:15 before the show begins.

This year’s show will be free for all to enter but donations will be accepted at the door. Those who make a minimum donation of $5 will also receive a raffle ticket for a chance to win some excellent door prizes.

Concessions will be available that night so everyone is encouraged to grab something to eat at the show. All proceeds from the event will go to benefit the HCMS athletic programs.

Sponsors are needed for the event so if you would like to advertise your business and help support this awesome community event you may contact Coach Allen Sikes at (706) 675-9247 or Russ Massa at (770) 262-2818.

You may also email editor@heardcitizen.com for more information. All donations are tax deductible!


2014 Bravy Nominees

Brave nation LogoAaron Tiller
Abbie Padgett
Adontae Reid
Aidan Palmer
Alex Jones
Alexis Emory
Alexis Nelms
Alexus Higgins
Allen Sikes
Alora Cosper
Amiah Person
Andrew Cannon
Anna Cosper
Anna Shelnutt
Annley Cook
Anthony Brand
Anthony Graley
Ariauna Brice
Armari Emory
Ashlyn Stransky
Ashton James
Austin Brown
Austin James
Autumn Coker
Ayden Cannon
Benjamin Schory
Blake Tatom
Blake Timmons
Bobby Gilbert
Brandon Jones
Brett Hambrick
Brittany Scarborough
Brody Buc Cofield
Brook Mason
Bryan Jones
Buck Dunson
Cadance Summerlin
Caden Allen
Cain Dean
Caitlin Newell
Cali Harrod
Camara Shaheed
Camden Cosper
Carlton White
Carlton Williams
Cason Holtzclaw
Chase Hansford
Chris Carroll
Christopher Goode
CJ Bradfield
Cody Norris
Coleby Johnson
Cory Huddleston
Courtney Baron
Dakota Christopher
David Urquilla
Dennis Shaw
Deron Swint
Duranta Dunson
Duranta Dunson
Dylan Yates
Elijah Toney
Emily Iddins
Emily Shelnutt
Emma Bradley
Emmie Harrod
Emory Jones
Erica Emory
Evan Red
Gage Cannon
Hanley McCosh
Hannah Rogers
Hattie Yarbrough
Hayden McCosh
Hermonie Garza
Jace Mock
Jacob Yearta
Jaden Moreland
Jake Edwards
James Sprayberry
Jasmine Jacobs
Jeffrey Freeman
Jellisa Colton
Jemeka Parks
Johanna Beyer
Jonathon Echols
Jonathon Hunt
Jordan Callahan
Jordan Pomerleau
Jordan Watson
Joshua Janney
Julius Moreland
Kahlil Cofield
Karin Miyata
Katelyn Hull
Katelyn Reed
Kaylee Holcomb
Kaylee Neal
Kaylee Neighbors
Kendaz Goode
Keona White
Kylie Nichol
LaBryant Reid
Lee Kay
Levi Brown
Lilly Scott
Lily Cantrell
Lily Langley
Luis Maldonado Vazquez
Lynsey Glover
Mack Smith
Madelyn Rusinyak
Madison Mathias
Madison Whitehead
Maliyah Dunson
Mason Bailey
Mason Jenkins
Matt Brown
Matt Hornsby
Matthew Nilsen
Melissa Collins
Michael Cheney
Mikayla Dockery
Nathan Allen
Nigel Echols
Orrin Rowley
Rich Fendley
Robert Moody
Ryan Tatom
Sage Kelley
Sammy Marsh
Sara Wiggins
Shaun Lacey
Shelby O’Neal
Shemeka Parks
Shinese Turman
Spencer Hannah
Ta Freeland
Tacarra Lynch
Tae Gray
Taron Person
Taylor Smith
Thomas Sickman
Tim Barron
Todd Hendricks
Todd Huey, Jr.
Tonya Hull
Tori Caldwell
Tori Rogers
Tray Owens
Trent Norris
Trey Alford
Trey Wiggins
Tristan Brown
Tristan Harris
Wesley Crabtree
Will Alford
Zack Stephens


5-6 Black and Maroon Flag Braves 

7-8 Braves Boys Basketball (Vincent Echols/ Ty Alford)

9-10 Braves Boys Basketball (Sammy Marsh)

Braves Varsity Football

Braves Varsity Weightlifting

HCMS Braves Football

HCMS Braves Wrestling

Lady Braves Varsity Softball


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    What about high school Track Team, pole vault, and state.

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