September 23, 2021

3rd Annual ‘Going Gold’ event for Pediatric Cancer Awareness

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(Franklin, GA) — The 3rd annual “Going Gold” event at last Friday night’s Heard County football game versus Darlington raised almost $1000 for Pediatric Cancer Awareness.

The money was raised through a combination of citizen donations, a 50/50 raffle at the game, and the sale of t-shirt and wrist band merchandise.

The HCHS student section did a gold balloon release at the game in Honor of Keris Bembry and ALL children who have endured cancer. Several Brave players also wore gold during the game.

Sarah Japour, Executive Board Member for Keris Kares was thankful for everyone’s help and donations for the event.

“A huge THANK YOU to everyone in Heard County that helped make the Going Gold initiative a success, specifically Coach Tim Barron (who had his players donate $5.00 in order to wear gold tape for the game so they truly understood the meaning); Principal JJ Wahl for supporting the Going Gold initiative and allowing students to untuck their shirts or wear a cap if they donated by purchasing a Braves Going Gold band,” said Japour.

“Also much gratitude to Lori Cabe and Shane Lasseter for coordinating all things Going Gold for the football game, Jessica Adams for dedicating her time and energy together with her amazing students on the HCHS Student Council that truly made the Going Gold Game a success, and Cindy Harrod for having her running club run one mile in honor of Going Gold for Childhood Cancer Awareness.”

Japour says the donation of the winning raffle money by Shaina Coggin was an especially sweet gesture.

“A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU to Shaina Coggin, the winner of the 50/50 Raffle, who turned around and donated $182.00 to Keris Kares. That money will go to pay a bill for a family with a child diagnosed with cancer – it is absolutely priceless,” Japour added. “Heard County has now for three years supported Keris Kares in its September Going Gold for Childhood Cancer Awareness and we are beyond grateful. We look forward to being even more amazing in September 2021!”

An Art Box filled with Art Supplies from Keris Kares was also delivered to the Art Teacher at Heard County Elementary School by the Student Council representatives on Friday as a part of the Going Gold initiative.

To learn more about Keris Kares please go to or follow on social media (Keris Kares on Facebook or KerisKares on Instagram).

If you know a family that has a pediatric cancer diagnosis in need of assistance, please go to the website and under outreach is information on applying for assistance. You can also send inquiries for assistance to

The Keris Kares website and social media pages have information on future events, opportunity to volunteer, and ways to donate all year long.

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