March 24, 2019

The Princess and the Three Peas: 3rd Child

[jessica]This blog is entirely about my third child, my second son, Peyton Wayne. He will without a doubt be the death of me! Now I have said before that my daughter wears me out emotionally, and my sons exhaust me physically.

But my Peyton just plain tortures me! He is 3 years and 8 months old and he is made up entirely of pure evil and unconditional love. Now let me try to explain to you what that looks like.

In a nutshell it means that we will be in a battle over something he is not supposed to do, and he will literally be almost unable to talk because he is crying and screaming so hard, and then all of a sudden he will stop and look at me and say things like: “I need a kiss and a hug!” or “Do you still love me?” or “I love you so much…are you mad at me?” or “Will you pick me up I never gonna do it again?” I mean how can anyone with a heart stay mad at that?!

I have been trying to potty train him since last May. Now I know that boys are more difficult to potty train than girls but I have already done it once with my oldest boy so I know what to do.

He just plain did not care if he had a gross diaper on him, and refused to take the time to go on the potty. I tried everything, used every incentive and reward available to moms…I offered a freaking trip to Disneyland!

We bought fancy pull-ups, we bought new underwear, we set timers, we did the potty dance, I made a treasure chest of dollar store toys that he could choose from every time he went pee on the potty!

But you know what finally worked? His preschool teacher told him he could have a sticker every time he went pee on the potty and boom- he was trained. A sticker??? Really kid??? So I spent .99 cents on a piece of poster board and maybe 5 dollars on stickers and within a couple of weeks he was in underwear completely!

You know what I think? And I will go to my grave with this theory…his is the king of doing exactly the opposite of what mommy wants him to do! Now all kids do this to a certain extent but he takes it to a whole new level.

He knew I wanted him out of diapers, but it wasn’t until his preschool teachers told him diapers were for babies that he decided he wanted out of them!

If I want him to ride in the stroller, he wants to walk. If I want him to walk, his knees are too tired. If I ask him to be quiet, he screams. If I need him to stay clean, he throws himself in a puddle.

If I give him his Cars sippy cup, he wanted the Toy Story one. If I make him a waffle, he wanted a pancake. I absolutely, positively cannot win with this one!

I don’t turn the pages right when I read to him, I brush his teeth too hard, I hurt him when I cut his nails, his food is not the right temperature, he doesn’t like the clothes I put on him, he doesn’t like his toys…all of this he can verbalize to me but “mommy I have to go pee-pee” was too much to ask?!?! And he doesn’t act this way to anybody but lucky duck mommy!

I sent my daughter Lana to preschool for 2 years, and then Wyatt went to the same preschool the 2 years following that.

Neither one of them ever got in serious trouble where the teacher had to talk to me. This year Peyton started his 2-year run, and let me start by saying I have raised him the exact same way as the other 2.

But what happened within the first month he was there? He pushed the kid in front of him because he wasn’t walking fast enough to the playground. So the teacher made him go to the back of the line, but he didn’t want to go to the back of the line, so he threw himself on the ground, gagged himself and had to be carried!

I mean the humiliation itself was almost enough to make me never want to go back! The teachers were totally cool with it; they said it was perfectly normal, that he was just going through a transition period.

Funny though the other 2 didn’t have to transition in such a way that my family may be black-balled from this preschool before poor Toby gets to go there! And don’t even get me started about the fact that he doesn’t sleep in his own bed all night yet, and his new thing is to tell people he hates them!

Let me tell you though when Satan’s spawn is bad he is horribly bad, but when he loves, he loves with a heart that I swear is too big to be inside a 3-year-old!

He plays with my hair, tells me I am beautiful, tells me he loves me at least 20 times a day, gives me hugs and kisses for no reason, wants to hold my hand, wants to sit by me all the time, tells me he misses me, sings to me, and always wants to talk to me. Just when I decide that he is officially an alien sent here to destroy me, he out of the blue looks at me and tells me I am the best mommy ever!

Bottom line is I am confident he will be the child responsible for my gray hair, he will embarrass me the most times, be the hardest to get through school, and Lord have mercy on me when he is a teenager!

I am also certain with my whole being that the day he moves out of my home my heart will ache! He has so much of my heart and my emotions at such a young age! Everything he does, whether good or bad, he does it with such passion it is absolutely breathtaking.

All I know for sure is Heaven help the girl that ever breaks my Peyton Wayne’s heart! Only I am allowed to make him cry!



  1. http://Roianne%20Massa says

    …all I can say is I prayed you would have one just like that! I am not sorry…he will give you grey hair, the most tears but the most smiles!

  2. My youngest is the same way. When I get to the point that I am ready to choke her, she tells me that I am the best mommy ever and my heart melts. She stratches my emotions to the extremes and she will be the death of me when she breaks my heart. Daily, she teaches me how far my love can stretch! She’s nine, I can only pray we both make it through her teenage years!

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