December 3, 2020

A Clover Christmas by Gracie Rowe Highlights


Gracie Rowe, a Heard High School Junior, recently produced a Christmas Show as part of her Senior Level 4-H project.

The free show was held at the Old Recreation Department on December 8th in front of a large group of patrons.

It featured performances by several high school students and refreshments were served afterwards.

The cast featured Rebecca Heard, Dalton Reed, Natalie Moncus, Kasey Adams, Taylor Brazeal, Victoria Buker, Jodie Davis, Katelyn Reed, Michael Huddleston, and of course Gracie Rowe.

 “A Clover Christmas was a huge success. It was made up of all high school student performers and production crew, and each one of them performed exceptionally well. I am very proud of how it turned out,” said Rowe after the show.

Gracie also wanted to extend her special thanks to several people who contributed to the production including Dinah Rowe, Heather Nichol, Jessica McQuain, Joseph Leonard, Christine Nolley, and most especially the awesome cast.

A Clover Christmas Performances

1. Winter Wonderland– (Full Cast)

2. Baby It’s Cold Outside– (Rebecca Heard and Dalton Reed)

3. Oh Holy Night-(Natalie Moncus and Flutist Kasey Adams)

4. Santa Baby– (Taylor Brazeal)

5. Carol of the Bells– (Dance Solo by Victoria Buker)

6. Last Christmas– (All Girls Cast featuring Soloists: Taylor Brazeal, Natalie Moncus, Rebecca Heard, and Gracie Rowe)

7. This Christmas– (Jodie Davis)

8. Little Saint Nick– (Full Cast)

9. Merry Christmas Darling– (Rebecca Heard)

10. A Baby Changes Everything– (Gracie Rowe)

11. Silent Night– (Full Cast)

12 Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas– (Full Cast)

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