January 17, 2022

A Constitution Minute II

4053In 1955 Congress set aside September 17-23 in observance of Constitution Week. You might be interested in learning how the United States Constitution transpired.

During the time of the Revolutionary War, the United States created a governing document called the Articles of Confederation. This document gave almost all power to the States.

The Articles of Confederation gave the Central government very limited powers such as negotiating foreign treaties, coin money, etc. The goal was for the 13 colonies to be seen as a sovereign nation instead of 13 separate nations.

The founders created this weak Central government because they didn’t want the type of tyrannical government body they were fleeing in Great Britain.

In the early 1780’s the Articles of Confederation began to show its real weakness. The individual states began to work against each other. Some states excised high taxes on goods moving through the state to other states. The Central government had no power to regulate trade and thereby all Americans suffered.

A group of men, also known as the Founding Fathers, wanted to see their nation succeed and organized a convention to begin the task of creating a stronger government.

The Virginia Plan was introduced to the delegates as the basis of a new form of government and it became the backbone of our present Constitution.

This minute brought to you by the James Stewart Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution.


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