March 4, 2021

PPA: A message from Commission Chair candidate Keri Denney

To the citizens of Heard County:

Over the past couple of weeks my opponent has written several responses to the article that I ran about some of the issues I have heard from you as important to you and your families.

It seems as if he has forgotten to respond to the $5,000 spending limit placed on the County Commission Chair, and the financial transparency question that has been raised.

I, as well as many other citizens, would appreciate my opponent giving a detailed listing of all government surplus purchases he has made since taking office.

At the February 25, 2020 regularly scheduled meeting it was brought to the attention of the current Board of Commissioners that Mr. Boone had spent over $115,000 on these items through January 2019.

The citizens of Heard County have a right to know what was purchased, where and how the item(s) are being used, the cost to transport from point of sale, any maintenance involved to get the item ready for use, and where all purchased items, those in use and any unused items are being stored.

These purchases were made with SPLOST dollars, and should be accounted for. It is unclear from the listing if any one item was over $5,000 since oftentimes one check was written for multiple items.

I have no doubt many residents would appreciate this information since I have been asked numerous times about the large amount of government surplus items at many county-owned buildings and sites.

Please, Mr. Boone, provide us with the truth and transparency our Heard County citizens deserve.

As for my attendance at classes and conferences offered by the Association of County Commissioners of Georgia (ACCG) this is where my opponent and I have very differing opinions.

I feel it is absolutely imperative to stay up to date, educated, and informed about Statewide issues that affect local government.

In addition to the educational sessions offered, the opportunities to meet other elected officials dealing with issues we are facing or likely to face in our county offers invaluable relationships to call on to help our citizens.

The ACCG is a well-respected organization across the state and especially under the Gold Dome at the Capitol.

In fact, during this challenging pandemic fight, Governor Kemp has a  “war room” where he and his staff meet daily, and the ACCG is a very respected partner in this effort against the virus.

The organization is engaged in offering input from experienced dedicated local officials and in communicating ideas, thoughts, and insights back to the counties and elected local leaders.

I feel that a strong working relationship with the ACCG is extremely beneficial to Heard County as a whole.

As your next Chair I will provide leadership that is willing to look beyond county lines for information and support when necessary. I will adhere to all county ordinances as written, and I will make financial transparency a top priority.

I would appreciate your support and VOTE on June 9th, 2020.

Thank you,

Keri Denney

Candidate for County Commission Chair



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