January 23, 2022

A Note from District 5 Commissioner Sandi Allen

Sandi-225x300Today I feel the need to address several items that one of my opponents listed in the local papers.

When someone addresses ACCG (Association of County Commissioners of Georgia) as “a board in Atlanta that does nothing to help us in our district” it shows a lack of knowledge for what this association does for ALL COUNTIES OF GEORGIA.

This board represents all counties through out the state of Georgia, including Heard County, in many ways such as our Inmate Medical program through ACCG which has saved thousands of dollars.

We have direct contact with our State Representatives who make and pass the laws that affect our county and programs that help counties in all areas of county government.

Georgia Department of Transportation in the past had programs that helped in some paving of roads in each county.

Since GDOT made the changes in their programs they no longer operate the same way as in the past. This year so far SPLOST dollars paved Bevis Rd. which is in District 5.

Our District has benefited greatly in the new comprehensive inventory program that Heard County has adopted to reduce overall maintenance and cost of Heard County’s biggest asset….our roads.

This program is more cost effective and our means of operating in Rejuvenating, resurfacing and reclamation of the county roads. In other words we get more bang for the Buck! The roads whose LET dates are up for bidding this month in Dist. 5 are Butler Rd., Wehadkee Rd, and Victory Rd.

One thing that I have worked diligently on for the past few years is CELL TOWERS for our area. I was elated when the company erected the cell tower on 34 W at 219. This was supposed to be a tower that was included in the TMobile/ATT merger…which NEVER happened.

It is not as easy as telling “them it needs to be finished or sold to someone who will finish it.” It is finished…now no one wants to put equipment on it because it will not be serviceable as a lone tower.

We are working on lifting the moratorium of 180ft. for cell towers that was passed before I became a commissioner by the previous board. Some of the larger servers such as Verizon will not place equipment on a tower that is 180 ft.

Addressing Brush Creek Park…we do not own this property. It is owned by The Corp of Engineers…WE LEASE IT! We can not dredge or clean out the ramp without facing a hefty fine. One ramp was closed by the Corp because in the last flood such a large amount of silt formed an island and made it unusable. We have given Brush Creek a face lift with new BBQ grills, new wiring, tables and a clean up of dead trees etc.

I could make a lot of promises…but I know what can and can not be done and I will not promise anything that I can not keep. I promise to work for the betterment of Heard County and its citizens.

I promise to seek out answers for your questions and solutions for your problems as I have done for many of you in the past six years. I promise to be honest and truthful. I need your vote. Please vote May 20th.

Sandi Allen,

District 5 Commissioner

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