July 24, 2021

A packed house is expected Friday as Heard County Athletes of all ages arrive with high hopes of winning the coveted Bravy Award

Shemeka Parks

Braves sophomore multi-sport athlete Shemeka Parks will lead the way with four nominations for the first ever county-wide Bravy Awards this Friday night at 6:00 p.m. at the Heard County Middle School gym at 269 Old Field Road in Franklin.

The Bravy Awards are just one unique aspect of the biggest awards show to ever be held in Heard County.

Patrons who purchase a ticket to the show ($10 advance/$12 at the door) will get more than their money’s worth during the show where well over 100 trophies, plaques, and certificates will be handed out to Brave Nation athletes, managers, coaches, and even scorekeepers in the estimated three-hour show.

Athletes nominated for three awards thus far include Duranta Dunson, Orlando Burgos, Jade Sanchez, Haley Bennett, Jordan Watson, Jasmine Cook, and Corey Freeman

In addition to a chance at some cool door prizes, ticket holders will also receive an all you can eat BBQ, burger, and hot dog supper with all the fixings and will enjoy musical entertainment as well as a chance to participate in the biggest Happy Birthday song in the county’s history for the one and only Mr. Dennis Shaw.

With this being a brand new event many people have had lots of questions about the show and below you may find the answers to most if not all of them.

All proceeds from this huge event will go towards the middle school athletic program which currently lacks restroom facilities at the football field and track which is used for numerous middle and high school sports events year-round. Please consider attending this exciting event on Friday!


1. Who can come to Friday night’s award show? Anyone who has a bought a ticket in advance or at the door. It is a fundraiser for the middle school athletics department.

2. Do the athletes who are nominated have to buy a ticket? No, they will all get in free. Their names will be on a list at the door. Award presenters names will also be included on a list at the door.

3. What are the 5 tickets for that went home with many of the nominees? They are for the nominees to SELL to the family and friends who would like to share the night with them.

4. What is the cost of tickets? The tickets are $10.00 each in advance, $12.00 the night of the show. Tickets include a fun-filled night of entertainment as well as an all you can eat BBQ/Burger/and Hot Dog dinner. Lindsay Orr, Gracie Rowe, and Kiara Robinson will be singing. The Voice of the Braves Don Heard will be on hand to MC and Greg Holcomb will be spinning some energetic tunes all night long. Several civic, religious, and community leaders will be on hand to present the Bravy Awards.

5. What if I don’t sell all my tickets? You may send the unsold tickets back to Coach Sikes at the Middle School or Coach Barron at the high school.

6. Who do the tickets get turned in to? Either Coach Sikes at the Middle School or Coach Barron at the high school. Please have all tickets turned in by Thursday May 9th.

7. If my child plays or participates in a Recreation Department sport and they are nominated, what do I need to do? You can turn your tickets in the night of the show if you would like to help eliminate problems between trying to turn them in at the Recreation Department and us getting them. When you get to the door, just have your money and tickets ready to turn in.

8. What type of awards will be given? In the Brave Nation Individual Sports Awards, each nominee will receive either a plaque or certificate. This means all athletes will walk out of the show with some type of recognition.

9. What are the “Bravys”? This is a special county-wide award that will be given to the best overall athlete in their particular category. There will only be one award given in this category to the winner.

10. Where can I get extra tickets if needed? Extra tickets are available at the middle school office or you can call Coach Sikes @ 706-675-9247.

11. What is the purpose of the Bravys? To recognize the outstanding achievements of our athletes in Heard County in a unique and fun away.

12. Who will choose the winners? The winners will be chosen by an impartial committee that has been selected by HeardCitizen.com.

13. Who chose the nominees? Nominees for the Brave Nation Individual Sports Awards were made by coaches and/or administration for each team. Nominations for the county-wide Bravy Awards were made by coaches/administration and local media. In the Bravy categories, coaches were urged to select nominees based not only on performance but several other intangible characteristics such as leadership, character, teamwork and effort.

14. What should I wear to the show? Dress for the show is very casual you may dress up if you like or you may wear shorts and a t-shirt. Everyone will be dressed in whatever makes them comfortable.

15. When will the final Bravy Award Nominations be announced? The remaining Bravy Awards will be announced each night this week at HeardCitizen.com. All of the eligible nominees who will gain free entry to the show have already been nominated in other categories. The committee needed to wait for the completion of the girls State Track meet this weekend before making their final selections for the most prestigious Bravy’s which are the Male and Female Athletes of the Year. Other remaining nominations will include play of the year, team of the year, most memorable moment, and biggest upset.



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