November 28, 2020

A Public Service Message from Heard Co. Fire and EMS (09/26/16)

*** Heard County Fire and Emergency Servies would like to thank everyone who donated to this year’s 2016 MDA boot drive on Labor Day weekend. Thanks to your generous contributions, $4,134.34 was raised. ***

img0037Kitchen Cooking Tips

  • Unattended Cooking is the #1 cause of cooking fires, Stay with It. PLEASE DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILDREN TO CHECK IT !!!

  • Have a K- type extinguisher available: Know how to use it !!!

 If not contact HCFD (during a fire is not when to learn)

  • Smoke detector’s Save Life’s,,, if they work. Test monthly, Change batteries 2 times a year, Replace detector’s every 10 years

  • Use large pots for frying or boiling, fill ½ way to allow for expansion

  • Keep the lids of pots and pans on the counter top, an available

  • Keep pot holder’s or glove’s available

  • If something’s burning in a pot or pan, Put the lid on it, Turn it OFF,

Call 911, Do not attempt to move full pot’s or pans!

  • If Fire is not contained: CALL 911!!! Get Everyone Out an Stay Out.

  • Gather in a safe place on the property, Away from Danger

  • Give good information to 911, try to stay calm.

Thank you for your time,

Heard Fire and EMS

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