May 23, 2018

Abrahamson seeks Heard County District 5 Commissioner Seat

Yvette AnnouncementWell here it goes. To my friends and neighbors. I need your support yet again. I have qualified to run in this upcoming election for the Heard County District 5 Commissioner Seat.

The primaries are in May, so please vote for me. Because of my love and passion to make Heard County a better place to eat, play, work, sleep, and live.

With 30 plus year in business and a passion to serve my community, I ask for your support and your vote in this upcoming election primary.

Thanks in advance to all my friends, business associates and neighbors.

Yvette Abrahamson

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  1. Can you be more specific about passion you have to offer? Everybody running for this position has passion of some sort or they would not be running. What can you bring to the table that Commissioner Allen can not. That is what you need to be telling the people or else there is no reason to vote out commissioner Allen because she obviously has passion too.

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