January 22, 2019

Active Shooter Training at WGTC

(Franklin) — Personnel from the Franklin Police Department, Heard County Sheriff’s Department, West Georgia Technical College Police Department, LaGrange Police Department, Heard County Fire and Emergency Services, as well as, Heard County School System recently gathered for an active shooter training.

While students were out for a holiday break, the training took place at the local West Georgia Technical College campus.

This scenario based training was designed to teach first responders and school administrators what to do if there is an active shooter situation. The staged scenario allowed for them to experience the chaos they would encounter.

Law enforcement officers used air soft weapons, as they moved throughout the building in search for the active shooter. Once the threat was identified, the officers were forced to make split second decisions in the role-playing exercises.

School officials were given the role of innocent bystanders in many of the drills, which served as an eye-opening experience for them as well.

Photo: Franklin Police Department

Photo: Franklin Police Department

In the past, law enforcement officers have been trained to first stop the shooters, then begin assisting the wounded and making the scene secure for emergency medical personnel, prior to them entering.

Training has since changed to expedite the process, by law enforcement officers providing a protective ring around emergency medical personnel, and escorting them into the “warm zone,” after the immediate threat is eliminated.

By doing so, the wounded would begin receiving treatment sooner than previous methods, while keeping emergency medical personnel safe.

Upon completion of the training at the school campus, law enforcement officers moved to the gun range where they practiced tactical movements and shooting drills, while working individually and in teams.

Similar training has taken place in the past at the Heard County High School, Heard County Middle School, and other businesses in the community.

“We hope and pray that this type of situation never happens, but it is necessary that we train for the worst in a manner designed to preserve as many lives as possible,” stated Chief Kevin Hannah of the Franklin Police Department.

” Our officers are well equipped with the gear and weapons needed to eliminate the threat in an active shooter situation. We no longer wait for a Special Weapons and Tactical team to arrive; we now train for the officers to immediately advance toward the sound of gunshots. I would like to thank everyone involved in planning and making this training possible. It is important that we learn from, and continue this type of proactive training.”

“As always, West Georgia Technical College appreciates every opportunity to be part of the community and training such as this is extremely important to everyone,” stated Chief James Perry of the West Georgia Technical College Police Department.


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