July 23, 2021

Alcohol ordinance public hearing sets the stage for Thursday’s Franklin City Council meeting (Audio)

A public hearing was held Thursday, April 26 in front of the Franklin City Council to discuss alcohol licensing as it relates to on the premises consumption in restaurants in the city of Franklin.

Mayor Teresa Chapman turned the meeting over to City Attorney David Mecklin who explained in detail the three options which would be before the council at tomorrow night’s meeting.

Mecklin stated that the existing alcohol ordinance is very vague and lacking details/regulations which would allow it to stand up in court if challenged by any party. He offered up the possibility of three different options for the council to decide on during tomorrow’s meeting.

The attorney  stated that the council could maintain the current ordinance as is, adopt a new ordinance that would provide for no pouring licenses to be issued at all, or the adoption of a new ordinance which would allow for the issuance of licenses with very detailed standards and regulations.

Several citizens were in attendance to voice their opinions about the matter.

Dwight McLinton was the first to address the council. He stated that he was in favor of licenses because Franklin was lacking any sort of entertainment for young adults and older adults. He also said that he thought it could be a boost for the local economy.

Horace Thurman spoke next and told the council that he had filed a petition with the city containing 150+ names of people within the city who were in favor of allowing on the premises consumption.

Councilman Jimmy Hamil then asked to speak in the meeting as a private citizen.

Hamil stated that he was completely opposed to any alcohol ordinance. “As far as Franklin and Heard County I have lived here 60 years and there is just as much to do here now as then. If people want to drink they can go to Carrollton, Atlanta, or  Columbus. Alcohol is worse than drugs,” stated Hamil.

Hamil also stated that the council had agreed when they all took office not to issue any alcohol pouring licenses and they should not go back on that now.

Following Hamil, Dwight McLinton re-addressed the council stating that he felt Hamil had just spoke as a councilman rather than a citizen of Franklin.

A verbal confrontation then ensued between Hamil and McLinton in which they each referred to each other as “a piece of crap.”

Kathy Purgason then addressed the council saying she was opposed to the sale of alcohol because she had been sexually abused by an alcoholic when she was younger. She added that alcohol could ruin people’s lives.

Finally, Felicia Savage spoke in favor of the sale of alcohol.

Click the links below to hear the complete audio from the public hearing. The issue will be on the agenda tomorrow night at the May meeting of the Franklin City Council at City Hall beginning at 6:00 pm.

Public Hearing- City of Franklin Alcohol Ordinance (Part 1 of 2) from HeardCitizen.com on Vimeo.

Public Hearing- City of Franklin Alcohol Ordinance (Part 2 of 2) from HeardCitizen.com on Vimeo.



  1. Franklin really does need a place of entertainment for young and older adults with a pouring license such as the Rutledge cafe where multiple arrest have been made recently along with the owners of the Rutledge cafe for stealing gas to be used at the place requesting the pouring license.The elected officials in the city of Franklin have a duty to act on the issue at hand as well as any that may arise in the future by voting against this for the safety of the citizens of Franklin and Heard county and as for boosting the economy by approving this DON’T BET ON IT , The small amount of tax money that might get turned in isn’t going to help ,the only boost will be the crime rate .

  2. Mary G. Thompson says

    Mr. Hamil is right: there is just as much to do in Franklin as there was back in 1952. Whoops, there’s less, since there was once a movie theater next to the bank. Now let’s all hum ‘Lost in the Fifties Tonight’ as we drive to the next county for a nice cold beer.

  3. No, your a piece of crap. Unh-uh, your a piece of crap. No, you are. Your mom.

    Sounds like they got a lot taken care of at this meeting.

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