September 25, 2021

And So It Begins

[jessica]It recently hit me very gently, like a ton of bricks, that the differences between men and women show up at a very young age.

My 7-year-old daughter and my 5-year-old son were picking out school folders and I saw a glimpse of how different it will be raising a girl and 3 boys.

Sure some differences have already shown up. Mostly the stereotypical stuff I expected like boys being more physical, and girls doing things like potty training and talking earlier than boys.

But this particular display that took place literally made me realize my life as I know it is over! I watched my 5-year-old son walk up to the folders and within seconds had two picked out- Captain America and Cars 2.

Boom just like that he almost wet himself he was so excited they had his 2 favorite things in life right now and the decision was made!

Then it was time for my 7-year-old daughter to pick out her 2 folders. I am pretty sure the machine that manufactures folders can pump out at least 1000 folders in the time it took her to find 2 she was happy with.

I mean the stress on her face as we were sifting through bin after bin so we didn’t miss any possible option. Apparently the fate of her 2nd grade year came down to this decision.

Should she go with a theme folder like Barbie or Littlest Pet Shop, or should she go with butterflies, or polka dots, or stripes, or flowers…oh wait now we just found some of Tinkerbell and Tangled!

We literally had to lay a dozen folders on the ground so she could use the process of elimination to make up her mind. We finally narrowed it down to 3 folders and she requested the long walk to the check out to decide the last folder to cut.

Poor girl looked like she was on a walk of shame after having to leave all those perfectly good folders on the shelf!

To see her in such agonizing pain over choosing a folder made me realize she was just as full of emotion at 7 as I am at 30! In fact I am sure even on a good day she is more emotional than all 3 of my boys. I mean I expected this over clothes but school folders?!?!

When I was younger and I imagined the children I would have I always saw myself with all girls. I wasn’t surprised at all when the ultrasound showed that my first baby was a girl.

Now when my second baby was shown to me on that same screen and was a boy I thought “there are boy parts in my uterus? Gross!!!” But then he was born and I realized there is a love that a mother feels towards her son that can never really be explained until you feel it.

Then I went on to have 2 more boys and wondered if God had me confused with someone else. I really wanted my daughter to have a sister, and I was starting to worry about how I would feed 3 boys once they are teenagers!

As time goes by and especially after Folder Incident 2011, I realize God gave me exactly what I could handle.

I treasure my daughter more than I can describe. She is my only princess and I will treat her like one. That being said I will also devote much of my time to raising her to be a respectable and respectful young lady.

My boys on the other hand take hardly anything out of me emotionally or mentally. They wear me out physically!

Day after day after day they keep me on my toes…literally. They fight, they stink, they make messes, they break things, and they get pee EVERYWHERE!

But I will tell you one thing, it is not any of those things that require me to have a pot of coffee every morning.

You know what does it? That little treasured princess at 6:30 am coming into mommy’s room and melting down because the skirt she wants to wear isn’t clean! Oh what a world!


  1. patricia Bailey says

    I enjoyed this Jessica. It made me chuckle. The article is right on. In the years to come it is that daughter that will sit with you and have a cup of hot chocolate. The boys will be in the woods some where.

  2. hey Jessica, really enjoyed this article as well as your other’s. well written. Thanks

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