September 25, 2021

Approved Franklin City Council Minutes (08/05/21)

Franklin City Council Meeting Minutes


August 5, 2021 (6:30 PM)


The Mayor and Council of the City of Franklin, Georgia, met in regular session Thursday, August 5, 2021, at Franklin City Hall, 150 Davis Street, Franklin, GA 30217 at 6:30 p.m. All Councilmembers were in attendance.

Mayor Hayes began the meeting by welcoming everyone in attendance. Councilmember Almond gave the invocation and lead the pledge to the flag.

MINUTES OF Council Meeting July 1, 2021

Councilmember Israel made a motion to approve the minutes, seconded by Councilmember Putzek. The vote to approve the motion was unanimous.


Councilmember Bradfield made a motion to amend the order of the agenda to add “Walking Trail Estimates” under New Business, seconded by Councilmember Senn. The vote to approve the motion was unanimous.


Finance – Finance Officer, Karen Boyd, gave the following report:

  • All accounts have been reconciled to the bank. General fund expenditures exceeded revenues by $29,572 for July. Revenues are still exceeding expenditures by $21,085 for the year. These numbers subtract from the P&L Report the $181,303 received through the American Rescue Plan (ARP) Act which can be seen under “Other Financing Sources.” This money has now been transferred into a new ARP Fund Account which you will notice on the “Cash on Hand” Report. We are awaiting legislative guidance on how exactly this money can be spent towards Water, Sewers and Broadband.
  • Sales tax increased $6,178 from last month and $16,298 from July of last year. June SPLOST increased $9,491 from the previous month and $8,296 from June of last year.

Police DepartmentChief Hannah was not in attendance. Mayor Hayes updated Council on the process of replacing Chief Hannah’s patrol vehicle, which is currently the oldest in the fleet and becoming a maintenance issue. Since the current car market has limited availabilities and backorders, it is anticipated that the vehicle will be replaced at the beginning of 2022. Quotes will be presented to Council when a suitable vehicle becomes available.

Street Department – Street Supervisor Edward Ponder was not in attendance. Mayor Hayes updated Council that the Excavator they approved for purchase at the previous Council Meeting had been ordered and was expected to be delivered in the next few weeks.

City Attorney – Attorney Mecklin was not in attendance, but Mayor Hayes had spoken to him about the upcoming court date for the mobile home park this month.


Recovery Efforts – Mayor Hayes updated Council that at this point, the City had completed everything that it can: the Fire Station roof and Police Department HVAC had both been replaced using money covered by the insurance claim. As far as FEMA went, City Clerk Boyd had been working diligently to upload requested documents to their online portal and that Mayor Hayes and she continued to attend weekly Wednesday calls with Chayla Bryant, their FEMA Recovery Specialist. 

Gov Deals Equipment – Mayor Hayes discussed how earlier in the year a few surplus items were identified to be sold and with the recent purchase of the new excavator more equipment had been added to this list. Some of these surplus items had been up for bid previously and didn’t receive an offer. With Council’s permission, Mayor Hayes planned on listing these items for sale on Gov Deals and if all items sold it would pay for at least 75% of the price of the new excavator.


Outdoor City Christmas Tree – Council discussed options for replacing the outdoor City Christmas tree that was experiencing ongoing and various maintenance issues last Christmas. Councilmember Bradfield made a motion to purchase the 23-foot multicolor Christmas tree from Wintergreen Corporation for $13,301.10, seconded by Councilmember Almond. The vote to approve the motion was unanimous.

Debris Site Cleanup – Council continued discussion on the tornado debris site and a quote had been obtained from McCoy Grading, Inc. for processing and grinding an estimated 10,000 cubic yards for $4.25 per cubic yard. Mayor Hayes explained the City would still be responsible for $5,312.50 after FEMA paid their part of the $42,500. Councilmember Almond made a motion to approve the quote, seconded by Councilmember Senn. The vote to approve the motion was unanimous. 

Walking Trail Estimates – Mayor Hayes updated Council that an estimate was received for clearing the walking trail tornado debris and two other companies will give a quote in the next week. Councilmember Senn asked if McCoy Grading would provide a quote since their equipment would already be in the area for the debris cleanup and that is a significant portion of the cost. 



COUNCIL COMMENTS: Councilmember Putzek gave her resignation since she would be moving to Haralson County. She was honored to have worked with the previous Mayor Rogers, Councilmember Jiles, the current Council, and Mayor Hayes and thanked everyone for working together and leaving as friends. 

Councilmember Senn asked about taking down the Welcome to Franklin sign that fell during the storm. 

Councilmember Israel said it had been a pleasure working with Councilmember Putzek. 

Councilmember Almond thanked Councilmember Putzek as well.  

MAYOR COMMENTS: Mayor Hayes thanked Councilmember Putzek for everything she had done and said it had been a pleasure working with her. 

ADJOURN: There was no further business to conduct, and Councilmember Almond made a motion, seconded by Councilmember Bradfield, to adjourn. The vote to approve the motion was unanimous. The meeting closed at 7:10 PM.

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