September 25, 2021

Armageddon It?

(Written by:  Shelly Hester)

Like most people born and raised in the South, I was raised as a Christian. I’ve held on to some of the beliefs instilled in me and I’ve let go of some. That’s where I usually clash with the church, as a whole.

I believe in the afterlife. Though, I don’t buy into the description of Heaven and Hell that the Bible describes. I believe the type of life we lead here will be the type of afterlife we get.

I believe we create, for ourselves, our own personal Heaven or Hell depending on the darkness or lightness within our souls. You reap what you sow, right?

I believe people misinterpret the reason behind a prophecy. Prophets are not sent to tell us anything. They are sent to warn us. The prophets mentioned in the Bible (e.g. Jeremiah, Isaiah) were sent to warn. The future could be changed IF the people were willing to change what they were doing to bring harm upon themselves.

I have read Revelations many times. All Christians believe this book to be a prophecy. It tells of the changes in climate, the plagues, the wars, the famines, etc. that will occur before the return of Christ.

So many people are so busy looking for the signs that they don’t even realize they are the ones creating them. There have been many times, throughout history, that Christians have given up material possessions and such to stand and wait for the sound of Gabriel’s horn. Much to their dismay, nothing happened.

The signs were all there, yet the Earth kept turning and life kept going. So, we go right back to polluting the home God gave us, laughing at modern prophets like climatologists, waging wars for the profit of the few, ignoring genocides and famines because “it’s not our problem” and oppressing others because of our own ignorance and fear.

God said He would never again destroy the Earth, we will. We are fulfilling that prophecy. We are fulfilling Revelations. We are self-fulfilling fanatics, pointing fingers at each other instead of extending our hands in kindness and love to help one another.

Armageddon may come. In the mean time, I will continue on my path of spiritual growth. I will continue to be a good global citizen. I have already made a few contributions that will continue to help this planet when I am dead and gone.

Those contributions are my children whom I’ve raised to be compassionate and kind citizens of the planet. I’ve raised them to believe they can make a difference in the lives of others without forcing their beliefs down their throats.

They might debate you on those beliefs but they will never expect anything from you except respect for them as fellow human beings. I will continue living until my time is up, however it may come.

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