December 5, 2020

Athletes shine at Special Olympics basketball competition

(Franklin, GA) — Heard County Special Olympics does it once again with another victorious competition held right here in Franklin, Ga!

The Annual Special Olympics Basketball Skills Competition was hosted by Kathy Scott, the HCPR director, and her staff at Heard County Parks and Recreation.

The division of athletes included young athletes ages 4-7, youths ages 8-11, juniors ages 12-15, seniors ages 16-21, and masters ages 22 and up.

The athletes had the opportunity to showcase their best ability in the dribbling obstacle course, backboard/ rebounding skills, perimeter shooting, spot shot, target pass and the ten- meter dribble. Each athlete received a ribbon for placing first, second or third in their respective categories.

In target pass for the Heard Elementary boys, Jeffery Freeman and Lane Ray tied for first place with five perfect passes and rebounds. Allen Stover came in second place with two perfect passes and rebounds and three average ones.

In the second group of boys, Anthony Bailey and James Abernathy also tied with a perfect score.

In the third division, Wyatt Arp got first place for a perfect score and Jonathon Shelnutt got second with nine points. He had two perfect passes.

Among the Heard Elementary girls, Kaylee Neal won first place for having a perfect score, Ashley Shelnutt and Callie Robinson tied for second with three perfect passes and rebounds and Kaylee Holcomb won third place.

Also, the Heard Elementary girls faired very well in the ten-meter dribble. Kaylee Neel got first place completing the dribble and retrieving with a time of 10.2 seconds. Ashley Shelnutt got second place, Callie Robinson got third and Kaylee Holcomb got 4th.

The Heard Elementary boys scored as follows: Lane Ray – first place with 8.2 seconds, Allen Stover– second place with 8.6 seconds, and Jeffery Freeman – third place with 11.1 seconds.

There were two more divisions of boys from Heard Elementary. They battled for first and second place ribbons with James Abernathy getting first and Anthony Bailey getting second in one group and Jonathon Shelnutt getting first and Wyatt Arp getting second in the next group of Heard Elementary Boys.

Spot shot was challenging for all Heard Elementary athletes. In the first group of boys, Jonathon Shelnutt and Wyatt Arp tied with four points. In the next group, Anthony Bailey got first scoring 8 points and James Abernathy got second scoring five points.

In the last group of boys, Lane Ray scored 11 points which was the highest score of all the boys from Heard Elementary. Jeffery Freeman and Allen Stover tied with 10 points.

Among the girls, Callie Robinson got first with nine points. The others were right behind her with Kaylee Neal getting second with 8 points, Ashley Shelnutt winning third with seven points and Kaylee Holcomb winning fourth with 6 points.

Nigel Echols was the overall winner in the middle school division, winning every event at the basketball skills competition

Nigel Echols was the overall winner in the middle school division, winning every event at the basketball skills competition

In the Heard Middle School division, Nigel Echols was the overall winner taking first place in every event. He scored 16 points winning first place.

Dylan Evans won second place with nine points.

Nigel also took the lead in the target pass with five perfect passes and rebounds. Dylan rallied behind him with three perfect passes and rebounds.

In the ten meter dribble, Nigel finished the drill in 14.3 seconds and Dylan got second place finishing in 29 seconds.

Also, the alumni athletes, Dennis Shaw and Todd Hendricks, competed in three events.

The ten meter dribbling obstacle course was the toughest of them all. They had to dribble through the cones, switch hands, and control the ball for ten meters. Todd got first place and Dennis got second.

With rebounding off the glass for 30 seconds, Dennis got first place and Todd got second. In perimeter shooting, Todd won first and Dennis won second. The alumni competition was close for the entire day. Both athletes came prepared to win.

Local coordinator, Wylene Spearman, would like to congratulate all athletes on their outstanding achievements and awards!

Lastly, she would like to extend a warm-hearted thank you to everyone, especially the volunteers from the Junior Varsity Basketball Players, who helped make this event a success!

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