April 21, 2015

Celebrate Georgia Day!


(Franklin) -- Thursday, February 12th is Georgia Day. The James Stewart Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution invites you all to join us as we wish Georgia a very “Happy Birthday!”  Take time to remember the birth of our great state. The story of how Oglethorpe came to bring colonists across the seas is a fascinating one. Not only did he get … [Read more...]

Remembering Pearl Harbor


The Natural Beauty of Hawaii – volcanic mountains, lush vegetation, and crystal water – should be Pearl Harbor’s main attraction, and it would be, if not for December 7, 1941. Instead, the island of Oahu’s stunning scenery has become merely the backdrop for the USS Arizona Memorial, a hallowed historic site that reminds us that 2,390 Americans died on a … [Read more...]

Uncomfortable High School Student


(Franklin) -- If you take a look into our school handbook, who do you think the majority of the dress code rules are geared towards? If you don’t know then let me tell you, it’s the girls. I am not allowed tear wear, leggings, tank tops, jeggings, there can be no holes in jeans, and my dress MUST fall two inches above my knee. Why you might ask? Because as … [Read more...]

A Constitution Minute IV


On September 17, 1787 the United States Constitution was created. Eleven of the thirteen states sent delegates to the Convention and after many debates the Constitution was voted for favorably. Nine of the thirteen states were required to ratify the document for the Constitution to become the supreme law of the land. By July of 1788 all eleven states … [Read more...]

A Constitution Minute III


In September of 1787 a group of men convened a conference in Philadelphia with delegates from eleven of the thirteen colonies to begin debates for establishing a stronger central government. Rhode Island and North Carolina did not send delegates. An interesting note is that most of the delegates present were young men between the ages of 20-40. The few … [Read more...]

A Constitution Minute II


In 1955 Congress set aside September 17-23 in observance of Constitution Week. You might be interested in learning how the United States Constitution transpired. During the time of the Revolutionary War, the United States created a governing document called the Articles of Confederation. This document gave almost all power to the States. The Articles of … [Read more...]

A Constitution Minute


Constitution Week is commemorated September 17 – 23. Celebrating Constitution Week has been a tradition for many years. In 1955, the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) petitioned Congress to set aside September 17-23 annually to be dedicated to, or the observance of Constitution Week. The resolution was later adopted by the U.S. Congress and signed … [Read more...]

Critters In Your Attic?

southpaw 1

The lengthy cold snap and freeze we have been experiencing this year is causing more problems than we Georgians are accustomed to dealing with. Busted water pipes, flooded homes, high electric bills, icy road conditions, and critters in our attics to name a few. That’s right, critters in our attics! Eastern gray squirrels (Sciurus carolinensis), are … [Read more...]

Letter to the Editor: Missionary thanks Heard County

Daniel Mission

To the citizens of Heard County: As an American we have an expectation of going on a mission trip and “fixing” the problems of the place and/or country we visit, and sadly most of the time when we go we try to “westernize” the existing culture and teach the people how we do what we do. Up until January 7, 2014 this was my idea of a mission trip as well. I … [Read more...]

Scouts lend helping hand at Heard County’s oldest church cemetery

Noah Pfaff, Spencer Barge, John Sims, SeanMinicucci,Jr.,Houston Sims, and Sean Minicucci Sr. of Troop 57. (Notshown: Mark Couch, AlexCouch, and Sean Gannon

(Franklin) -- A couple of years ago while following up on my father's genealogy project notes I located Bethel Baptist Church located just over the Coweta County line in Heard County, off of Charlie B. Johnson Road. Here is where I find fifth and sixth cousins, several times removed and a link to this area that I never knew I had or thought about. My living … [Read more...]