May 25, 2016

A Heard County Love Story

(Franklin, GA) -- A local woman shared a blog this week detailing how she and her current husband fell in love and were married after knowing each other for over 30 years. Shanan Smith Atkinson agreed to share her story with the readers at She is a 1987 graduate of Heard County High School. Shanan's husband Boone Atkinson is a 1982 Heard … [Read more...]

Perdue Reflects on First Year in the Senate

(Washington, D.C.) -- Almost a year ago, I stood next to my wife Bonnie, put my hand on my Father’s Bible, and swore to uphold the Constitution and represent the people of Georgia in the United States Senate. This is a role I never imagined, but one I take very seriously. To emphasize the magnitude of this responsibility, I held my first staff meeting at … [Read more...]

The Christmas Tortoise by Jesse Workman

The Christmas Tortoise There was once a tortoise that lived in a tribal village in Africa. The tortoise's name was Henry. Henry heard about a holiday, that is celebrated in most countries, through his best friend Miles, a dolphin. Miles, every year, leaves the continent of Africa and swims to England to celebrate Christmas. "Santa Claus has a time limit, … [Read more...]

‘Stars on Broadway’ Pageant

Submitted by Wylene Spearman (Franklin) -- The “Stars on Broadway Pageant” was held at Heard County Middle School on November 7, 2015. This was a pageant open to all girls ages 1-18 from surrounding counties. The main category for this pageant was formal wear. To increase excitement, three new optional categories were added, Miss Photogenic, People’s … [Read more...]

The Value Of A “Bad” Gift

Written by Mohisha Vasa, M.D. Who hasn’t received that gift…the vacuum cleaner, ugly sweater, or pack of batteries?  None of us has escaped the experience of receiving a gift that is unwanted.  We all know the disappointment, the let down, sometimes even anger towards the gift-giver! As the holidays approach, well-meaning friends and family members may … [Read more...]

Echols: How about a ‘Blackout’ Saturday for Coach Richt?

By Tim Echols Regardless of where you were when you heard the news about Coach Mark Richt leaving the University of Georgia, you were probably as stunned as I was. Sure, we all want to win the Southeastern Conference football championship again, and even be national champions, and maybe we will someday. But Coach Richt deserves our respect, and he deserves … [Read more...]

Veteran’s Day Program in Franklin

(Franklin) -- In honor of Veterans Day, the James Stewart Chapter  Daughters of the American Revolution will be holding a program on at the Veterans Monument in Franklin on Saturday November 14th at 11:00 am. We invite the public to join us as we honor veterans past and present. In case of inclement weather the program will be in the Heard County Library … [Read more...]

Senator David Perdue: A Salute to Georgia Veterans

(Washington, D.C.) -- Around this time every year, Americans across the country recognize the sacrifices our veterans have made for our freedom. Towns hold parades, churches host covered dish suppers, and businesses offer discounts. All of these gestures are commendable, but we must continue to thank our veterans daily and recognize the sacrifices they made … [Read more...]

A Constitution Minute IV

On September 17, 1787 the United States Constitution was created. Eleven of the thirteen states sent delegates to the Convention and after many debates the Constitution was voted for favorably. Nine of the thirteen states were required to ratify the document for the Constitution to become the supreme law of the land. By July of 1788 all eleven states … [Read more...]

A Constitution Minute III

In September of 1787 a group of men convened a conference in Philadelphia with delegates from eleven of the thirteen colonies to begin debates for establishing a stronger central government. Rhode Island and North Carolina did not send delegates. An interesting note is that most of the delegates present were young men between the ages of 20-40. The few … [Read more...]