September 25, 2021

Authorities identify body; death ruled a homicide

(Franklin, GA) — Authorities have officially released the name of a man found dead near Edwards Road in southern Heard County last weekend.

After analysis and confirmation by the GBI Crime Lab, the body was positively identified on Wednesday as that of 31-year-old Richard Dewy Boggs of Lagrange.

Upon a joint investigation by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the Heard County Sheriff’s Office, it has been determined that Boggs’ death was a homicide.

Richard Dewy Boggs

Richard Dewy Boggs

The body was discovered by turkey hunters on Saturday morning, May 7, 2016 at around 6:30 AM.

Sheriff Ross Henry stated earlier this week that it appeared that the body had only been in that location for a short amount of time.

At this time, the investigation in still ongoing and authorities are asking anyone with any information to contact the Heard County Sheriff’s Office at 706-675-3329.

Investigators are remaining tight-lipped about specific circumstances surrounding the death as the probe continues.

As of this time, the body of Boggs has not been released to the family pending a full autopsy and forensics testing.

The victim’s sister, Heather Isbell, released a statement this week regarding her brother’s death.

“Richard was loved so much by his entire family and he loved his family with all his heart — especially his 4-year-old son and our 89-yr-old grandmother,” said Isbell.

“This has been a very hard time for the entire family, and we are dealing with this the best we can. All we ask is that if anyone has any information to please come forward so that my brother can have justice. No one deserves to be done this way and whoever is responsible needs to be punished to the full extent of the law.”

Boggs’ sister is vowing to see justice served for the death of her brother.

“I promise when the one or ones involved are caught — and they will be caught — I vow to be in court every day! I will make sure they seek the death penalty. If they don’t get the death penalty, I promise they will spend the rest of their lives in prison. I will be at any and all parole hearings if there are any as long as I’m on this earth,” says Isbell.

“We just ask everyone to respect our privacy at this time as we try to process and grieve — this is a very difficult thing for anyone to have to go through and we are all dealing the best we possibly can. We would like to thank everyone for all their thoughts and prayers it truly means a lot.”

Stay tuned to for further information as it becomes available.


  1. Margie Madaris says

    Isbell I understand your pain and your strong need to seek justice for your brother as my brother was murdered 12/19/2015 ad I am in court each and every time ! I will also push for the strongest punishment ! I will pray for you to stay strong as it is so very hard ! Prayers to you each night as I say prayers for Justice in my brothers murder !

  2. Really sad that they just swept my brother under the rug! They can catch everyone’s murder except my brother! What is it? Is it because he was a criminal or what?

  3. Dear Sarah it’s not because he is a criminal. It’s because it’s dangerous. None of the investigator’s from his case would stick around. Those that were too scared, dropped it and ran. Those who kept the case ended up Mia. The people who did it are still out and about. But those who remember still dearly miss your brother. I miss his crazy antic’s, cheesy smile’s, and the way he made every situation for stranger’s, friend’s, family, and all he came across a lot lighter and more bearable. His case will soon be brought to light and his killer’s to justice. The people may forget, but the soil’s of the ground remember. I hope you find your peace soon Dewy. Ps Oral Gel is still very much handy and remembered.

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