September 16, 2019

Baby Brave Reunion at Centralhatchee Park (April 27)

(Franklin, GA) — The Baby Braves will be getting together for another big “class reunion” on Saturday, April 27 at Centralhatchee Park.

Baby Brave members and families are invited out to the park to enjoy free food, giveaways, a train ride, face painting, arts and crafts, and much more.

The latest Baby Brave event will take place from 3-5 PM at the park and further details on the event are available in the flyer below.

If you and your family are able to attend, please RSVP @ 706-675-3320!

The innovative Baby Brave program began in February of 2016 as discussions started between the Heard County School System and the Heard County Collaborative concerning a way to partner with parents of preschool children.

The idea was to locate all children birth to 3 years of age and provide materials and resources for children, developmental information for parents, agency connections for families, and a partnership with the school system. By September 2016, the Baby Braves idea had become a reality and was up and running.

There was immediate excitement. Within a few days of advertising, 50 families had signed up and wanted to participate. By October 2017, there were 162 Baby Braves and we are now almost 350 strong and counting. We have active Baby Braves and others on the visitation list awaiting the initial visit.

During the initial visit, resources, materials, and information are given to the parent(s).

At that time, a Heard County tote filled with books, puzzles, Heard Baby Braves shirt, and an Honorary Diploma is given to the child.

There are also fun-filled quarterly gatherings like the one this weekend called “Baby Braves Class Reunions.”

These reunions provide experiences for the children, additional resources and materials for the parents, agency information, and school connections.

Our Baby Braves also have access to a Speech Pathologist who assists with any speech issues and provides parents information and strategies of the importance of early parent/child interaction and engagement.

Ongoing connection is kept with parents. Parents can “like” us on Facebook for up to date information, download the “Remind” app, contact us by phone, or get information at each elementary school.

Anyone interested in partnering with the Baby Braves, please contact Sheri Calhoun for additional information. This is a great way to invest in your community.

The Heard County School System and Heard County Collaborative are excited to be part of such an innovative idea. This is a great opportunity that is not offered in most counties.

We are excited and want to reach every child who is birth to three years of age. If you have not signed your child up for Baby Braves, call 706-675-3320 and ask for Jenny Googe or Sheri Calhoun.


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