September 16, 2021

Board of Education Meeting Minutes (8/23/11)

The Heard County Board of Education met in a regular meeting on August 23, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. at Heard Elementary School in Franklin. Present were Chairman Morris Long, Vice Chairman Roger Harrod, Tony Burson, Mike Crockett, Tim Holtzclaw and Superintendent Jerry Prince.

I. Mr. Long called the meeting to order and Mr. Crockett gave the invocation.

II. Mr. Burson moved to adopt the agenda. The Second was by Mr. Harrod. Unanimous. See attachment book for agenda.

III. Special Recognition

A. Mr. Prince presented letters of appreciation from Heard County Middle School staff and students to the Board of Education. Staff and students expressed appreciation for the new landscaping at the school.

IV. Topics for Discussion

A. Dr. Cole reviewed the 2010-2011 AYP Report. See attachment book for report.
B. Dr. Cole presented information on student enrollment for 2011-2012.
C. Dr. Cole and Mr. Kay discussed changes in attendance and truancy responsibilities and a proactive approach to improving student attendance.
D. Mr. Kay and Mr. Prince presented information on WGTC fees for dual enrollment students.
E. Mr. Kay presented the transportation update. Mr. Burson moved to approve a $50 per month perfect attendance drawing for bus drivers. The Second was by Mr. Harrod. Unanimous.
F. Mr. Prince updated the Board of final work with construction at Heard High, Heard Middle, and Ephesus Elementary.
G. Mr. Prince updated the Board on budget information.
H. Mr. Prince reviewed new state requirements for BOE training and conducted the BOE training assessment. See attachment book for handout.

V. Items for Approval

A. Mr. Harrod moved to approve the amendment of the bus bid to include a camera system with drive-by capability. The Second was by Mr. Holtzclaw. Unanimous.

VI. Personnel. There was no personnel report.

VII. The meeting was adjourned on a motion by Mr. Crockett and Second by Mr. Burson. Unanimous.

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