January 28, 2021

BOC Discusses Plans to Revamp Glover Park

(Franklin/Times-Journal) — The Heard County Commissioners met on April 24, 2018 in the administration building in Franklin. All Commissioners were in attendance.

Chairman Boone called the meeting to order and Commissioner Hooks gave the invocation and led everyone in the pledge to the flag.

The first item on the agenda was a public hearing for the special use application for Klaus and Katharina Huenermann to turn a family home on the property into a guest house rental located at 1463 Welcome Road in Roopville.

Zoning Administrator Stacie Morris requested that the hearing be postponed due to the Fire Marshal Inspection giving the Huenermann’s time to be in compliance with the Fire Marshal’s request of sprinkler system being installed or an alarm system in case of fire.

Klaus Huenermann spoke to the board to see if they may any questions. Klaus explained that they have a horse farm and had the opportunity to acquire the property next to it that had a family home located on it. They wanted to use that as a guest house for people that wanted to enjoy the horses and wanted to see the country.

Klaus stated, “We seem to be the only ones in the area providing something like this.” After speaking with the Fire Marshal the Huenermann’s are considering getting a Wi-Fi alarm system for heat, smoke and carbon monoxide to make the guest home compliant with the Fire Marshal.

Chairman Boone asked if they train horses at the farm. Klaus stated, “Yes right now we have 14 horses at our place. We board for other people but we have our own horses. We are breeding and we have two foals that are due in the next 4 to 6 weeks. We also want to do horse shows twice a year, not Western, but English Style Horse Show. We offer riding lessons as well.”

A motion was made by the board to continue the public hearing until the next meeting on May 22 giving the Huenermanns time to get in compliance with the Fire Marshal.

The board approved the minutes as written from the March 27, 2018 meeting.

Under new business the board approved contract bids for the 2018 road projects recommended by Public Works Director, Darold Wiggins.

For the resurface of Frolona Road the bid was awarded to C.W. Matthews in the amount of $583,306.10.

For the surface treatment of multiple roads, the bid was awarded to Middle Georgia Paving in the amount of $618,561.70.

The bid for high density mineral bonds HS5 went to Blount Construction in the amount of $109,423.26. All contract bids will be paid for with SPLOST dollars.

Invited guest Trisha Brangan spoke to the board about the waterway trail she has adopted in Heard County. It is a non-profit organization named the Chattahoochee Old Town Riverway. She has started the waterway trail to help people have more respect for our parks and resources.

Brangan stated, “The best way I can describe a waterway trail is that it’s where recreation leads to conservation. The more people that are on the water, the more people care about the water. They start to have respect for it and care more for it.”

The Chattahoochee Old Town Riverway is part of the Middle Chattahoochee River Water Trail. It begins at Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area at Peachtree Creek (Fulton County) and goes all the way to West Point Lake. Brangan said because we are a part of the Middle Chattahoochee River Water Trail we will be eligible for grants.

The board approved a resolution to support the Chattahoochee Old Town Riverway a part of the Middle Chattahoochee River Water Trail for the county of Heard.

The commissioners discussed what to do with Glover Road Park. Commissioner Joe Adams handed out a drawing with his proposal to the commissioners on a possible course of action they could take with Glover Road Park. Adams proposal was to have restrooms available to the public for the kayakers, fisherman and people exercising at the park.

Also, to have an RV park and campsites to bring in revenue to Heard County. He proposed the park could become an outlet for kayakers to camp overnight. Adams stated, “I hate to see the area sit there and do nothing.”

Chairman Boone updated the board on the many problems the park has had in the past. Such as vandalism to the restrooms. There was an incident where the water was intentionally left on over the weekend and cost the county a huge water bill. The restrooms were closed and the water shut off due to the cost of vandalism to the county. Boone also reminded the board part that the park is in the flood plain.

The conversation became heated as Commissioner Adams stated, “I have heard that for a hundred years. You are going to continue on with no economic development in Heard County just like you are going to do for the next few years.”

Chairman Boone replied, “No, you didn’t let me finish! You come in here with these ideas and they are great, but then we must talk about funding. Where are we going to get the money?”

Adams stated angrily, “You find it to fund your stuff!”

The conversation cooled down a bit as Chairman Boone started to tell the board about the conversation he had recently with Kathy Knowles Director of Heard County Development Authority (HCDA).

Knowles said she had received notification that Senator Matt Brass requested funds in the amount of $250,000.00 to go to the Department of Natural Resources that would fund the Bush Head Shoals kayak project and free up HCDA funds to help with Glover Park.

Boone stated, “Kathy Knowles said the HCDA would be interested in going in on a project to make Glover Park an outlet for kayakers.”

Commissioner Adams calmly stated, “That’s the reason I’m asking Kathy to help out with this.”

Kathy Knowles told the board that the $250,000.00 funding from legislation will free up funds for the HCDA.

Knowles stated, “As part of the water trail, and I have had numerous conversations with Trisha Brangan working on the water trail aspect for tourism, our thought has been in the last couple of weeks, to revamp the take-out point of the kayakers which is Glover Park. What we talked about in our meeting today is resurfacing the basketball court or just coming up with a plan of what we can do. A commitment was made today in the form of a consensus at the Heard County Development Authority meeting to come up with a plan. We asked Don Heard to take some pictures and put some thoughts together then we will work with the board to develop what you want to see happen at Glover Park and find a way to fund it. An RV Park wasn’t mentioned but if it is something that can be considered. Security needs to be a part of the plan.”

Commissioner Hammond suggested the restrooms be attached to the gym. Chairman Boone stated, “That would work because we do have a security system at the gym.”

Commissioner Hooks suggested a pavilion be placed where the old concession stand is. By the end of discussions, the commissioners seemed excited about new plans for Glover Park.

There was no old business. Under public comments Trisha Brangan suggested a water park be put at Glover Park.

The meeting was adjourned.


  1. Trinity says

    Joe Adams, you couldn’t have been said it better. Thank you for standing up for what you believe in. Keep pushing forward things will change for the better.

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