December 2, 2020

BOC Meeting Notes (05/23/17)

(Franklin/Times-Jorunal) — Heard County Board of Commissioners met on May 23, 2017 at 5:00 pm in the courthouse for a SPLOST workshop.

The board discussed plans for the proposed 2019 SPLOST dollars and listened to the requests made by the Road Department, Heard County EMS and Heard County Sheriff office for the projects planned that would receive the proposed dollars in the budget.

Board of Commissioners regular monthly meeting followed at 6:30 PM. The meeting was called to order; Chairman Lee Boone gave the invocation and led the Pledge to Allegiance to the Flag.

The minutes of the April 25 meeting was approved as written.

The first item on the agenda was to discuss ATV Park. Chairman Boone stated, “Recently the Department of Natural Resources had a hearing about the park and many residents and all the commissioners attended. Mr. David Barker a Heard County resident requested to speak to the board on this matter.”

Mr. David Barker a resident at 308 Bush Head Shoals in Franklin stated, “I was somewhat misinformed, I thought the ATV park would be in discussion tonight. I found out it was not. At this time, I would like to wait on my comments and to do it at a later date when everybody is ready to discuss this situation.”

Mr. Peter Underwood, a Heard County resident at 78 Memory Lane and a neighbor to Mr. Barker asked the board about zoning for the park, since the park is changing what they have done in the past.

Chairman Boone stated, “This is not a rezoning issue, this is not a county project. This is the state of Georgia project and they are not subject to the county rezoning.

Scott Parrott, a Heard County resident at 15475 Hwy 34 stated, “I agree with Mr. Barker to a certain extent. I know a lot of you on the board still have questions about this ATV park. I don’t! It’s in my back yard, I have no more questions! It’s not going to be beneficial to me. It’s not going to be beneficial to the county! I listened to everything that was said at the hearing and I know every one of you were there. I don’t understand what the questions are about but that’s ok! Check into it some more but I ask you to remember one thing. If this was in your backyard would you want it? That’s the only question you need to ask yourself. Honestly, I don’t think nobody sitting here would. I don’t and most of the residents don’t either. Thank you for your time.”

The next item on the agenda was appointments to the Heard County Board of Elections. Tonnie Adams, Registrar along with the election superintendent recommended James Kuchenbaker for a two-year term, Alice Holmes for a three-year term and Jane Barker for a four-year term. The board approved these three to be appointed to the board of elections.

The discussion of liquor package sales was on the agenda. Mr. Bob Patel, owner of Countyline Store asked the question at a previous meeting on how to get a referendum on the ballot.

Tonnie Adams addressed the board on the process of what needed to be done. To get a referendum on the ballot a petition of 35% of the prior election registered voters in Heard County must be received and verified before it could be placed on the ballot for a vote. That amount would be 1,945 signatures from Heard County registered voters from the prior election.

Mary Israel, a resident at 360 Newnan Street, Franklin asked the question “What is the lead time that a petition has to be turned in?” Tonnie stated, “There is no time limit. Once submitted it will be on the next available date for the voters. There would not be a special election for it but by law the next available election date.”

“This would not come before the board of commissioners stated,” County Attorney Jerry Ann Conner.

A resolution was adopted by the board for designating the courts locations. Superior, Juvenile and Probate court will be temporarily housed at the City of Franklin while the courthouse is being renovated beginning July 1, 2017 until the courthouse is finished.

A resolution was also adopted by the board for Magistrate Court to be housed at the Heard Health Center beginning July 1, 2017 until the courthouse is finished.

The board approved Chairman Boone to negotiate and sign contract with the City of Franklin to house District Attorney’s office at City Hall and the Board of Registrar’s Office at the Community Center. There was no old business. The meeting was adjourned.

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