December 2, 2020

BRAG Pedals through Franklin

Brag 2

On June 8th around 500 hundred BRAG riders traveled through Franklin

(Franklin) — The Bicycle Ride Across Georgia or BRAG for short is an annual week-long trek across the state. It’s not a race but a time to pedal your problems away and explore this great state from the seat of your bike.

On June 8th around 500 hundred BRAG riders traveled through Franklin on a 62.4 mile ride from Newnan to Carrollton.

BRAG had a rest stop setup in Franklin at the park beside City Hall, but many of the riders visited businesses on their way through.

BRAG 2015 is the third loop ride in their 35-year history. The new loop ride gives riders the ability to start and end at the same place.

The loop is a figure eight starting in Newnan riding to Carrollton, returning to Newnan, continuing down to LaGrange, and then returning to Newnan.

2015 BRAG began Sunday, June 7 in Newnan, GA and ended on Saturday, June 13 also in Newnan.

Riders paid a weekly fee that entitles them to maps, entrance to campsites (tent camping or gym camping), nightly entertainment/live bands, hot showers,rest stops every 15-20 miles with cookies, a variety of fruit, sag wagon support, baggage transportation to the overnight campsites, access to medical team, security team, End-Of-The-Road Meal/Party, medals for kids 15 and under/seniors 65 and older, and lots more.

The annual bicycle ride across the state of Georgia began in 1980 under the guidance of Dot Moss. Dot received her inspiration for the tour from Iowa’s RAGBRAI.

Georgia’s event started out as the Great GASBE (Georgia’s Annual State Bicycling Event). The 1st ride began in Savannah and ended in Columbus.

BRAG is a not-for-profit dedicated to providing affordable, quality bicycle tours in and across Georgia with an emphasis on bicycling fun, safety and education. BRAG supports charitable causes and the BRAG Dream Team.

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