July 24, 2021

Braves Say Good-Bye to Region Foes Callaway and Carver

The Georgia High School Association met in Thomaston this morning to place schools into a new six classification system for the next two years.

While the exact regions won’t be finalized until December 5, the class placements answer several questions about the Braves upcoming sports schedules beginning with the 2012-2013 school year.

The class placements had originally been scheduled to be completed early last week,  but there were some conflicts about a new proposed policy which would have allowed schools to not count certain special needs students into their total numbers.

The GHSA voted unanimously this morning to eliminate that proposal and based the classes instead on whole numbers of students in grades 9-11 for each school.

The biggest news from re-classification for the Heard County teams is the promotion to 3-A of the arch rival Callaway Cavaliers.

While certainly it seems likely the teams will make every attempt to continue the rivalry by scheduling non-region games, a battle for region accolades will not be a part of the equation, at least not for the next two years.

The Carver Tigers will also make the move back up to 3-A next year which definitely comes as good news to Braves fans.

The longtime 3-A powerhouse Tigers program had been placed into the Braves region in 2-A for the last two seasons as student numbers were down while a new school was being erected in Columbus.

It is unclear at this point precisely which region the Braves will fall into next year, but early indications are some older match-ups with the likes of Crawford Co., Manchester, Macon Co., and Lamar Co. could be on the agenda but that is still highly uncertain at this point.

Given this scenario, the Trojans of Lamar Co. would likely be the favorites in the region next year in football as they are currently a quarter-finalist in this season’s playoffs after knocking off Blessed Trinity at home last week.

Several of the Trojans best players are Seniors but they also sport many quality underclassmen including an outstanding running back duo of twin brothers who are sophomores.

The best news for all of 2-A was the displacement of the University of Buford to 3-A. The chances at state championships will increase tremendously  for all other 2-A schools.

The football powers which will remain in 2-A are Calhoun, Dublin, and Fitzgerald. On the private school front Lovett, GAC, and Westminster will remain and 2-A will also welcome Class 1-A powerhouse Wesleyan.

Other area teams of interest locally also saw class changes as well.The Red Devils of Bowdon were just over the cut-off and will now be one of the smallest 2-A schools in the state.

While it is yet to be determined if the Braves will be placed in a region with the Devils and Bremen (also newcomers to 2-A), it does lend itself to likely match-ups as 2-A non-region wins are such an important tie-breaker to determine playoff seedings.

In the event of a tie in any region, a win over an opponent in the same classification weighs very heavily.

Central-Carrollton will remain in 3-A as the classes biggest school but Troup, Carrollton, and Lagrange will both move up to 4-A.Villa Rica moves up to 5-A.

In Coweta County, Newnan, and East Coweta will move up to the brand new 6-A while Northgate moves up to 5-A.

(NOTE: While these numbers appear to be finalized, schools still have the opportunity to request to play in a higher class for travel purposes so changes could be made by December 5. Click here to see the current numbers for all schools in Georgia)

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