February 21, 2019

6-year-old boy drowns in Chattahoochee

(Carroll County, GA) — A 6-year-old boy drowned in the Chattahoochee River today, according to a report from Gradick Communications in Carrollton.

The identity of the boy has not yet been released pending notification of family members.

A Carroll County EMS dive team recovered the body at around 5:30 PM Saturday afternoon. The boy was swimming with other young children at the time of the drowning and he was using a floatation device.

“We believe the float flipped and he never resurfaced,” Benefield told WLBB Radio. “In that part of the river, you could step on a rock that’s three foot below the surface, then step off and be 10 feet under water.”

The incident is currently under investigation by the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office. The child was not wearing a life-preserver.

According to Gradick’s report, this is the fourth drowning this year near McIntosh Park. Three of the victims were under the age of 14.

“That area is so unpredictable,” Benefield said. “We always recommend that folks not swim in front of the park. The water is terribly rocky below and the current is unpredictable.”

Carroll County Fire Rescue recovered the body of another man on Wednesday of this week who was first reported drowning in the Chattahoochee River around 8 p.m. Saturday, June 25.

For more Carroll County breaking news visit www.gradickcommunications.com.


  1. Here is a idea close that part of park my niece is one of them that died there in march they need to close McIntosh

    • Charles(Eddie)Bennett says:

      Durr! Dont swim in The River! Not only is it super dangerous, its got turdz in it ! Knasty! Sorry for your loss. People think about this. chattahoochee is not for swimming. 4 lives is way to many . close that beach area (pdq) STAY OUT OF THE RIVER!

      • Melissa says:

        There isn’t a beach area to close. 4 deaths is too many. Please everyone stay out of the river. No need to close mcintosh. Just don’t let anyone get in the river there. Problem solved.

    • McIntosh Reserve needs to post warning signs regarding the dangerous under current and parents should take responsibility in protecting their child/children by putting life saving flotation devices on them. It should be mandatory with the number of young life’s that have drowned at this location. My thoughts and prayers go out to this family.

      • I have lived here since 1972, with in five miles of McIntosh, we have never allowed our daughter or her daughters to play in the river, nor our great grandchildren. Common sense goes into play, just like a creek a rain causes the bottom to wash out large holes. It will fill in one place and the next will be eight to ten feet deep.
        Grown men and women drown because they think they are smarter and can over come the river.
        You can’t expect others to protect your children you have to take the lead over your children. I’m very over protective of my babies or any child I see in harms way.

        • Debbie Haynes says:

          I fully agree. I lost my granddaughter in March there, would have lost 2 if it hadn’t been for my granddaughter Alyssa gave her on life to save her six year old sister, she died a hero. But I do agree with not ever letting your children to swim in the river. I learned that myself, years ago went to the river. It was a part that was off the river. in an area that was rocks and wadding. I felt how strong the tow was a that shallow part. I would not go in the river, surly not let my child in. Use your brain. I’m not cutting any one down. but think about what you are doing. My hearts go out to the family of the six year old little boy that lost his life. But they should have had no swimming signs up….. especially after my granddaughter died. We had to lose another child before they did anything. They should care about lives before anything. I know where aware of the danger, because I Googled that part of the river and they had in the info offered from the County that they had concerns, SO WHY DIDN’T THEY DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT RIGHT AWAY. WHY DID THEY NOT POST DANGER TO SWIM IN RIVER. THEY KNEW IT WAS DANGEROUS. WHY??????????????????????????????

  2. I listened to this mother scream for help today. I cried my eyes out, because I couldn’t do a thing. I was a friend of the girl who passed away in March. I agree, shut it down or make sure to wear a life-vest!!!!

  3. My daughter was the 14 yr old that passed away in March and I have to say I think this park should be shut down period 4 loves in 4 months that is crazy the current is to dang strong CLOSE IT DOWN

  4. My heart hurts for them. My son has been friends with their son since prek. They invited us to go down to river. Told them we would make it Saturday.

  5. Yes, It’s sad famillies have lost loved ones in this part of the river. McIntosh Park was never opened for people to come swim in the river. Its a park where people can enjoy activities with their families and observe the river. The everchanging so called “beach” at the river is not a beach at all. When we have heavy rains, that “beach” changes and so does the currents. I remember when there was nothing but banks on the river. People also need to realize that once the Chattahoochee goes thru Atlanta, the water is not so clean anymore. It has all the roads and parking lot rainwater runoff and they even dump waste water into our river. Also, the park doesnt own the river, it is a county border and the park offers a splash an play for a water activity. I am grateful that the county owns and operates a county park for all to enjoy amoung their other parks. Shutting down the park would not benefit anyone. Everyone needs to respect the nature that surrounds us.

    • Melissa says:

      Could not have said it better!!!! I agree completely. Do NOT close mcintosh. Just put up no swimming signs at the river and enforce it!!!

  6. We can’t shut down rivers and public swimming areas. Wear a vest if you want to be sure your kid is safe, or don’t go there, it’s not a pool. Don’t take away everyone’s privelages because a few people died. You should ban driving too, because lots of kids die in car accidents. Lifevests save lives!!

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