August 1, 2021

Auto Theft Suspect Captured

Eric Nunn arrested 9/28/11

Law enforcement officers from the Heard County Sheriff’s Department and Franklin Police Department captured Eric Nunn, during the evening hours on Wednesday, September 28th.

He had been identified as a suspect during an investigation that began on September 12th, where an unattended vehicle was stolen from the parking lot at Jordan’s Quick Stop, located at 2468 Franklin Parkway.

The vehicle was recovered in Randolph County, Alabama within hours after the theft occurred, but the offender was able to elude authorities.

Immediately after the theft, a news release was issued by the Franklin Police Department and published in the News and Banner, Times~Journal and Georgia Crime Busters paper. The release was also posted on, and

According to Chief Kevin Hannah, law enforcement officers began receiving information from citizens regarding possible locations and sighting of the offender, within a few days after the release was published.

On September 28th, Deputy Nelms of the Heard County Sheriff’s Department received information that Eric Nunn was walking alongside Jeff Davis Road, traveling toward Georgia Highway 34.

After receiving this information, Deputy Nelms, Deputy Loubet and Officer Morgan proceeded to the last known location where they were able to capture the offender.

“I would like to thank everyone that provided information to law enforcement officers regarding the whereabouts of the suspect, our local media and the Heard County Sheriff’s Department. Without this collaboration the offender could still be avoiding capture”, stated Chief Hannah.

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