December 5, 2020

Beloved Local Family in Need of Help

(Franklin, GA) — Due to circumstances beyond their control, a local family is in desperate need of the community’s help.

Dennis Shaw, a disabled 62-year old man and his mother Doris Shaw (87 years old) have lost all their belonging due to a health issue at the home in which they lived for the last 37 years.

They have been forced to move but have been able to find residence in the city of Franklin.

Dayna East, a granddaughter of Ms. Shaw, has been able to provide them with some clothes and transportation, but Dennis and his mom are in great need of some of the basic household items required when starting over.

The family is not asking for anything extra but just the basic essentials of life.

If anyone would like to donate to the Shaw family, Mrs. East has provided a list below. If you can help with any of these needs please call Dayna East at 706-298-9501.

A gofundme page has also been set up on behalf of Dennis and his mother.

Click here if you would like to make a donation.

Mrs. Shaw was a well-known Heard County school teacher for well over 20 years before her retirement in 1986.

Dennis has been an icon in the downtown Franklin area for many years as he has walked around town visiting various businesses on an almost daily basis.

Dennis is also a Special Olympics champion and he takes great pride in all the many medals he has won throughout the years.


Dennis Help

(UPDATED Friday, November 11) — The family has received all the items needed for their home.

Those wishing to make contributions are still welcome to visit the gofundme page and do so.


  1. Linda Longley says

    I’ll donate full size bed Where do we bring it?

  2. I’ve been gone a while but I know one thing about Heard County. They will step up and meet the needs of this family. And, I know why. They are wonderful people helping wonderful people. How many have fond memories of buying a Grit paper from Dennis all those many years? Brings a smile to those who do. How many times did Mr. Hugh work ballgames or show up at events requiring the civil defense to be there? How many times did he do lock work and then charge very little, if any at all? Help and donate. Whatever it amounts to will not equal all the memories we were given and are still fortunate to hold.

  3. We have some glasses and a few household items from a fundraiser yard sale we did back in the summer if anyone can pick them up at our lot, 3421 Carrollton Villa Rica Hwy. Carrollton Georgia (678)664-2858

  4. Charles Bennett says

    Dennis one of the nicest friendliest people put on gods earth! if u dont know dennis ,You have seen him.Rather it was goolsbys,piggly wiggly,bank,or franklin pharmacy.I could be having a bad day and Dennis will always say hello! Truly a man of stature.Lets do what we can for him Heard County.

  5. Brandy Walton says

    I have a TV we will give them and may have some other things for the kitchen.
    The TV is not a slim model and I think it’s a 20 inch. We do still have the remote. I live in Lanett Alabama now though and it’d be a few days before I could bring it down unless someone can meet me in Lagrange or West Point to get it.

  6. I got some stuff to donate

  7. Tamara Walker says

    Where can you takes these items to?

  8. Son Mi Platt says

    I have a sofa I am getting rid of, do they still need one?

    • I’m am the general manager at Junction lanes and we have a TV for them I also have a love seat and a few other things if someone could contact me I have put a call into Dayna.

      • Wylene Spearman, Local Coordinator of Heard County Special Olympics says

        Candi, thanks so much for donating to the Shaw Family! Dennis is an avid athlete of Heard County Special Olympics. Also, he is the Athlete Chairperson of our Local Committee. We all love you guys at Junction Lanes Bowling Alley!

  9. April Gutierres says

    I’ve got some stuff too, where is the drop off?

  10. Julie Eastland says

    What are the needs to date? I’d be honored to help aside from the gofund me app

  11. I have dishes coffee mugs and a few things. The list did not open. Where do we take it?

  12. I have several “household” items that are new and still in boxes….. Various unassembled size beds (w/ or w/o headboards, box springs (only a few mattresses), unassembled furniture, some electronics and such. I will be glad to donate anything I can for Dennis. My phone number can be received from most any law officer or HC DFCS.

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