January 23, 2022

Man charged with child molestation of Franklin girl

Cody James Crawford

Cody James Crawford

(Franklin) — A Carroll County man is under arrest in Heard County for allegedly molesting his girlfriend’s 8-year-old daughter.

According to a report issued by lead investigator Lieutenant Tino Brooks of the Franklin Police Department, the young girl told investigators that 20-year-old Cody James Crawford of Carrollton, GA fondled her inappropriately in a bathroom.

Crawford was taken into custody last Friday and is officially charged with Cruelty to Children and Child Molestation.

Brooks stated the investigation is still ongoing and more charges may be pending against the man involving his girlfriend’s other 13-year-old daughter.

Stay tuned to HeardCitizen.com for more information as it becomes available.


  1. I do not understand what is happening in our world.

  2. Peggy New says

    Hang him

  3. i went to high school with him. always new something was up with him lol

  4. W.L.W.
    He needs to be castrated if he’s quilty and sent to the big house and let the big boy’s get hold of him and he will know what molested feels like.According what they show on LockUp on CNBC on the weekend the big boy’s will be waiting for him.

  5. Why is the mother of a 13 yr old dating a 20 yr old? To each his own , but in this case it’s pretty sick.

  6. If guilty yes he needs to be punished or a parent can get their child to say these things and ruin a mans life. I don’t know because I wasn’t there before you try and hang. Think if it were you and some one set you up and you have done nothing.

  7. P A Folds says

    Anything can and does often get TWISTED to make a (most times) innocent situation look and sound dirty or bad . When you grow up being treated as a family member and big brother that sleeps on the couch ( NOT A BOYFRIEND) , suddenly a CUSTODY BATTLE over the children Seems to make you a TARGET for False Accusations. I don’t know this person personally However I do know the REASONS behind the CHARGES and I feel that the THREAT to make a certain person “SORRY” she won’t just give up Fighting to KEEP HER CHILDREN is a POOR EXCUSE to RUIN the life of a by-stander that has from what little I know only helped this family NOT Molested either one of the 3 kids.

  8. 🙁

  9. None of this is true he would never hurt a child he is a very good person and had a very big support team to back him kids was made to say these things

  10. LDW Problem is this will always hang over his head no matter what happens. There was a man in Newnan that was sent to prison because his daughter was mad and told the cops her dad had done something with her. He never admitted it always said he didn’t.
    While I know do there are a lot that get accused that didn’t because of vengeance.

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