August 1, 2021

City Council fails to decide alcohol issue; moratorium extended 30 more days

The Franklin City Council convened Thursday at its regular May meeting with the primary topic on the agenda being the subject of alcohol licenses.

After all was said and done the council again reached an impasse and voted to extend the moratorium on alcohol licenses for an additional 30-day period.

Councilman Almond motioned to adopt the newly revised ordinance presented by city attorney David Mecklin which would allow the issuance of pouring licenses to restaurants meeting its stringent guidelines.

Almond stated that he thought that it was time for the city to make the same tough decision that other surrounding communities have in the past in order to allow progress and growth in Franklin.

Councilman Joel Rogers seconded the motion stating that he felt the new restrictions and guidelines in the proposed ordinance were sufficiently strict enough to avoid most major problems and that the owners of the establishments would be held to a high standard of conduct both before and after acquiring the licenses.

The motion failed by a 3-2 margin with Councilmen Jimmy Hamil, Johnny Adams, and Shane Manders  voting against.

Manders stated that he thought it was a very difficult decision to make as it would have such an enormous impact on the city.

Councilman Adams then motioned to adopt the current ordinance with changes to eliminate any possibility of a pouring license being issued for any business under any circumstance.

Hamil seconded Adam’s motion which was also defeated 3-2 with Rogers, Almond, and Manders voting against.

After some discussion, Manders stated that he was not comfortable passing the new ordinance (which allows a pouring license) without a set fee and fine schedule included.

Mecklin told the council that they would be the determining body in the setting of the fines and fees when and if the new ordinance were adopted. Manders motioned to add the specific fees and fines associated with the new ordinance before making a final decision on it.

The council then approved unanimously at the attorney’s suggestion to extend the moratorium another 30 days while the fee and fine schedule is amended to the new ordinance. Because of the extension of the moratorium, the last agenda item of a package sales beer and wine application for the Franklin Petro also had to be postponed.

The next city council meeting is scheduled for June 7, 2012 at 6:00 p.m.

(Editor’s Note: Check this article in the next couple of days for exclusive video footage from tonight’s meeting.)

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