March 6, 2021

City of Franklin declares State of Emergency

(Franklin, GA) — City of Franklin officials announced this afternoon they are officially declaring a State of Emergency in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

“The City of Franklin has continually been following the COVID-19 Coronavirus crisis and has been in communication with GMA (Georgia Municipal Association), Governor Brian Kemp’s office, and our local public safety officials getting frequent updates,” said acting Mayor Kevin Hayes in a press release.

“Although an official standard direction has not been established by the State of Georgia at this time for cities and counties, the City of Franklin has chosen to implement some safety measures to help limit our overall exposure to this rapidly-evolving situation,” said Hayes.

“The safety of our residents and our employees is our top priority and we feel that imposing some minor restrictions will result in a major reduction of possible exposure scenarios.”

The City additionally announced that until April 10, 2020, the following requirements shall be in effect:

1. All restaurants, coffee shops, and other places where food is offered to the public shall be limited to take out, drive thru, or delivery. All on premises dining is prohibited. Restaurants with a license to sell alcoholic beverages may sell such beverages with takeout orders.

2. All public assemblages, events and gatherings of 10 or more persons are prohibited within the city limits. Essential retail establishments are excluded including grocery stores, discount stores, and convenience stores.

3. All bars, parks, and private social clubs are closed.

Regarding alcohol sales with carryout food orders: All restaurants that have a license to sell alcoholic beverages may sell beer and wine in unopened containers with in-person take-out orders. This does not include delivery.

This declaration of Emergency shall be immediately effective and the imposed restrictions shall begin at 8:00 AM on Wednesday March 25, 2020.

“As the situation continues to evolve and we receive any additional information from the appropriate authorities we will re-evaluate the timelines and strategies imposed and keep the public informed of all future plans,” Hayes concluded.


  1. Elsie Johnson says

    seems like overkill when you only have 1 case!

    • Gayle Denney says

      We may have only one case right now but I know some ppl who are being pretty stupid and still going out like nothing is happening so if we don’t do something to get ahead of this it could get ugly.

    • Rick James says

      You do things like this to prevent the spread of a virus…
      In the end, there will be less cases because of these actions.

    • Amanda Little says

      Would it seem like over kill if it had been your family member who passed from this virus?

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