July 15, 2018

City of Franklin gets new Mayor

Melanie Cheney, a sixth grader at Heard County Middle School, became Franklin’s Mayor for a Day on Monday April 23, 2012.

Mayor for a Day is a contest sponsored by Georgia Municipal Association for sixth graders in the State of Georgia.

The students are invited to submit essays about what they would do in their hometown if they were Mayor for a day. Melanie’s ideas included mandatory recycling, community pickup days, repaving some of the heavily traveled roads and installing more traffic lights.

Melanie’s day began when she was picked up at school by Mayor Teresa Chapman and Sergeant Tim Rowley of the Franklin Police Department. The first stop was the Franklin City maintenance shop.

Mayor Teresa Chapman presents a plaque to Melanie Cheney proclaiming her Mayor for a day!

Upon being introduced as the boss, the street department personnel all asked for raises. Melanie was given a tour of the city shop and shown the various vehicles and equipment used by the street department.

Her next stop was Franklin City Hall and Police Department. Police Chief Kevin Hannah showed Melanie how the police department operated. He also gave her a goody bag that included coffee mugs for her parents, candy, coloring books and various educational items for her and her brothers.

Lieutenant Sammarintino Brooks showed Melanie how fingerprints were taken, tire tracks were cast and how evidence collected in a case was processed from start to finish. She was also shown the security cameras and the evidence room where items are stored awaiting disposition of a case.

She and Mayor Chapman had pictures made in the mayor’s office with Melanie being presented with a plaque proclaiming her Mayor for a Day.

Sergeant Rowley and Mayor Chapman took Melanie around the town. Sergeant Rowley showed Melanie how the patrol car operated and the areas patrolled by the police officers. Melanie was also given a tour of the city fire department and the community center.

Melanie’s day as Mayor ended with lunch at Main Street Diner. She met and spoke with various employees of the Heard County Water Authority while at lunch. Director Jimmy Knight told her about the water authority and how it operated.

Robert Huey, Plant Manager of the Water Treatment Plant, told her about the water treatment plant and how water was treated. Edward Ponder, Distribution Manager, told her about how water was distributed from the plant throughout the county.

Melanie arrived back at school around 12.30 p.m., hopefully, having spent an exciting and educational morning as Franklin’s Mayor for a Day.


  1. Ms Cheney is a well mannered, intelligent young lady. I enjoyed the conservation with her and Mayor Chapman. Ms Melanie has a great future aheaqd of her.

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