May 12, 2021

Councilman Joel Rogers appointed as new Mayor of Franklin

(Franklin) — The Franklin City Council met in a called meeting Wednesday night to discuss the resignation of Mayor Teresa Chapman who pled guilty to charges in Muscogee County earlier this week related to the AFLAC Company.

Mecklin stated that Chapman’s daughter came to City Hall on Monday to pick up her personal items and presented City Clerk Myra Braswell with a short resignation letter.

City Attorney David Mecklin presented the council with two options on how to proceed. Mecklin stated that by Georgia state law, since a municipal office was being vacated, the governing body of the city (city council) must vote to accept Chapman’s resignation before it would be official.

The first option Mecklin offered to the council was to accept Chapman’s resignation Wednesday night at the meeting forcing a special election to be held in September because the position would had been vacated more than six months from the ending date of her term of office on December 31, 2012.

A special election would only have filled the Mayor position until the end of the year. Councilman Jimmy Hamil stated that it would be “foolish and costly” to go that route and his fellow council members agreed.

The second option proposed by Mecklin was to accept the resignation effective July 1, 2013 at 12:01 a.m. By waiting until that time the council could avoid a costly special election as the resignation would have been accepted within six months of the final day of the term of office.

Hamil motioned to accept Chapman’s resignation as of 12:01 on July 1 which was seconded by Shane Manders and passed unanimously (5-0).

The next order of business put forth by Mecklin was the appointment of a new Mayor to finish out Chapman’s term of office through the end of the year. He stated that the council was allowed to appoint a current councilman to the position although it was not a requirement.

According to Mecklin, the council has the right to appoint anyone they choose that qualifies for the position (i.e — any Franklin resident who meets all the standard qualifications to run for office).

Mecklin stated that whomever was appointed would receive all the Mayoral benefits and powers that go along with being Mayor unlike the position of acting Mayor which has been occupied for the last 13 months by Councilman Johnny Adams. Mecklin added that if a council member was appointed, their council position would have to be vacated, and an entirely new person appointed for the remainder of that seat’s term of office which also expires December 31, 2013.

On motion by Hamil and another second by Manders, the council unanimously (5-0) appointed Post 3 Councilman Joel Rogers as the new Mayor of Franklin effective July 1 and lasting until the end of the year.

Hamil suggested that the council wait on appointing the new councilman to replace Rogers in order to have proper time to research potential candidates and secure their approval. The council agreed.

The council will now appoint a new council member to Post 3 at their next regular meeting which has been pushed back to July 11, 2013 due to the Independence Day next week. Stay tuned to for any new updates as they happen.


  1. “foolish and costly” . . . If only our National Government could embrace such logic. Thanks Jim Hamel.

  2. Randy Bryan says

    The apple does not fall far from the tree.

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