January 23, 2022

Criss Langston facing new charge of Child Molestation

Criss Langston is now charged with Statutory Rape and Child Molestation in  Heard County and further charges may be pending

Criss Langston is now charged with Statutory Rape and Child Molestation in Heard County.

(Franklin) — The wanted fugitive who turned himself in to Heard County authorities this morning on a Statutory Rape charge is now facing a new charge of Child Molestation said Sergeant Dan Boswell this afternoon.

The two charges involve the same 15-year-old female victim.

28-year-old Criss Langston of Franklin had eluded law enforcement since an arrest warrant was issued on the Statutory Rape charge on Wednesday.

Langston’s bond on murder and other charges in Troup County has also been revoked and Langston is expected to remain in the Heard County jail for the time being while prosecutors sort out further pending and potential charges in the case.

Reports indicate Langston’s father came up from Florida this week and convinced his son that he found hiding on his property to turn himself in at the Heard County Sheriff’s Office around 6:00 a.m. Friday morning.

Langston was arrested on March 17, 2014 on charges of felony murder, evidence tampering, felony theft and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony relating to the shooting death of Michael Anthony Starnes, 48, of Heard County on March 14 in Troup County.

Ironically, earlier reports by the Lagrange Daily News indicated that a confrontation between Starnes and Langston led to the shooting after Starnes allegedly made inappropriate sexual remarks to Langston’s stepdaughters while family and friends were fishing and shooting guns near the McCosh Mill Road area.

At some point during that encounter, the two had a verbal argument when Langston allegedly shot and killed Starnes.

Langston turned himself in on the murder charge on March 17 and led police to his property in the 5600 block of Highway 34 where he allegedly buried his pistol and then led them to Windy Hill Road where he allegedly buried Starnes’ shotgun and ammunition.

The Daily News reports that Langston was released from the Troup County Jail on August 13 on a $25,000 bond.

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  1. This really makes me angry. What else could one expect from a confessed murderer released from jail ? Did the Troup County DA expect this man to start a Bible study in Heard County ? They should be sued by that Child’s family and (if Heard County had the intestinal fortitude) by the Heard County Government. I guarantee you they wouldn’t have released him to commit crimes in Troup County. But what the heck , he can be released to live in Heard.

    • Agreed. Our justice system allows so many scumbags way to much freedom. Worse part is he’ll be out long before his sentence is up and right back in soon after. He will surely spend the remainder of his life in and out of the system.

  2. Jason says says

    I use to work with this guy, he’s a real piece of work I’ll tell ya that. Can’t believe they let him bond out with those charges. Seems like a person locked up for driving on a suspended license would’ve had a harder time making bond. That’s American justice right there. All they care about is the money. That’s it.

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