November 29, 2020

Fire at Butler’s Mill

Butler's Mill Fire Monday (Photo Courtesy of The Nitty Gritty)

Butler’s Mill Fire Monday (Photo Courtesy of The Nitty Gritty)

(Graham, AL) — There are several reports and photos being posted by social media that indicate Butler’s Mill Restaurant in nearby Graham, AL has suffered a large fire.

Butler’s Mill overlooks the Little Tallapoosa River, where James Saxon settled and built the first mill and dam.

In 1866, he sold the property to A.E. and Robert Iverson. The Iversons built a new mill house in 1881 with partner J.T. Hardin, who ground wheat and corn. They prepared the wood at the sawmill there.

The property was purchased in 1902 by J.L. Lovvorn, who added the cotton gin. In 1912, it was sold again to J.M. “Bully” Saxon, who had the dam rebuilt and installed more cotton-ginning equipment.

L.A. Butler bought the property from the Saxon estate in 1944 and ran it along with his sons. He built a new gin house in 1952. The last cotton – 15 bales per day – was ginned there in 1975.

The gin house was first converted into a restaurant in 1993 by John S. Kelly.

Chris and Tabitha E. Phillips had just re-opened the restaurant a few weeks ago. The business was closed today.

(Photo courtesy of The Nitty Gritty)


  1. I’m so sorry to read this I enjoyed eating there went there after church a lot of sundays

  2. Many memories there…so sad

  3. brenda johnson says

    what happen we was here eating so good

  4. Max and ginger says

    Sorry for your loss Chris and Tabitha. Thanks for your kindness hope to see you soon Max-Ginger

  5. Mark & Tami Eastes says

    So sorry for your loss. My wife and I had just enjoyed the absolute BEST prime rib we had ever tasted just a week before. Can’t imagine how you feel. God bless you Chris and Tabitha,

  6. Margaret Sirmans says

    Are there plans of rebuilding a restarant here

    • Connie Freemanp.s:/www says

      Make’s me so Sad James Saxon was my great great grandfather my Great grandmothers father Elizabeth A.Saxon Freeman.Love you gg.grandfather James Saxon. Connie Freeman.

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