December 15, 2018

Former Mayor arrested on felony fraud charges

Michael Brad Yates

(Franklin, GA) — A local business owner and former Franklin City Mayor is in the Heard County jail tonight facing numerous insurance related fraud charges.

45-year-old Michael Brad Yates of Riverside Street in Franklin was arrested by state and local authorities Tuesday morning.

According to a report by Franklin Police Chief Kevin Hannah, Yates is charged with 32 felony counts of Insurance Fraud and one felony count of False Statements/Writings.

Yates was taken into custody at his place of business, Yates Insurance Services, located at 2002 Franklin Parkway.

Investigators with the enforcement division of the State Board of Workers’ Compensation obtained warrants for the arrest. The investigation is ongoing and further details are expected to be released by the SBWC later this week.

No bond has been issued in the case at this time. Yates was the Mayor of Franklin from 2006-2009.

Stay tuned to for further information as it becomes available.


  1. Julie Bates says:

    That is pure bullsh*t!!!

  2. Kimberly Perry says:

    One of the nicest families that I know.

  3. WHAT?

  4. Julie A Bates says:

    I guarantee you it is dreamed up by some of the crooked government of Heard County!!! That is why I got the hell out of that town!!!!

  5. David Wright says:

    Big institutes trying to lean on local businesses.
    There is no doubt that this a tragedy committed on a beautiful family.
    I despise the local news running this good mans name threw the mud; and trying to ruin a reputation that has been built for many years. Whatever happen to Innocent to proving guilty.
    We support the Yates family and pray for their well being.

  6. I still don’t believe this. He’s a great man that loves his family unconditionally I just don’t see him doing this

  7. Stop all the b.s. we all know Brad and his family. Brad did this to himself and his family this goes to show no one is above the law not even Brad. This is a bad situation he’s not the first in Franklin to go over to Ross Hotel and won’t be the last. Everybody get over it he committed a crime now let’s see how he gets treated now. Brad I hope Franklin don’t treat you like a second rate citizen like they do others that have fallen short of the glory. Look at it this way some got away by death never faced their charges

  8. How about we not just wait and see what a jury says and until then just pray for Brad and his family as well as anyone involved?

  9. 1st off unless you have been licensed to sell RealEstate, insurance, to stocks and bonds you cannot understand the depth of what happened. 2 nd people in glass houses shouldn’t throw bricks. Not one of us is perfect till you are don’t judge.
    3rd he is innocent till found guilty.
    I know brad and his family I am sure there is more to this that will come to light in court.
    Till then pray for them and don’t cast stumbling blocks.

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