May 19, 2019

Fox 5 Atlanta reaches out to aid Heard County animals in desperate need of homes

The article below is courtesy of Denise Dillon and Fox 5 Atlanta

(Franklin/Fox 5 News) — Crucial maintenance at the Heard County Animal Control could cost dozens of animals their lives if they do not find homes soon.

Officials said the floors have to be repaired for the health of the animals and said while the work is being done, they have no place to keep the current pet population.

“I’m just begging, for rescuers to come in and rescue these animals,” said Kaylene Ingram, Heard County Animal Control.

Ingram said for a month, she has been trying to find homes for the 17 dogs and 18 cats in the facility, but time is running out. She told Fox 5 News crucial repairs have to be made for the health and safety of the animals who reside at the shelter. The floors are cracked and chipped and she said germs can seep into the cement, spreading disease.

“It needs to be resealed and also diseases get harbored down in here,” said Ingram.

Repairing the floors could last up to two weeks. She said the animals cannot stay outside that long and because it is such a small facility, there is nowhere else to put them.

“I want these animals to have a safe place, but we are a kill facility and we only have certain spaces,” said Ingram.

She said it is the absolute last choice. She said she does whatever is necessary to give these animals a second chance, sometimes overlooking the rules. Milo has been in the shelter since June, well beyond the 3 day holding period. This time though, Ingram said it does not look like she has another choice.

“Sometimes you have to do what you don’t want to do and unfortunately it’s the animals that suffer,” said Ingram.

She said she put the word out to rescue groups a month ago. She has been posting photos on various websites and social media. But now as time gets close for the construction project to begin, she is starting to panic because she said the last thing she wants to do is put down the animals.

For more information on the shelter, click here or call them at 706-675-3570.

To see video of the Fox 5 Atlanta report click here


  1. Cyndee McClintock says

    Perhaps Heard County should focus on trying to find homes for the dogs and cats at the shelter instead of killing them within hours of arrival. They killed four healthy, young, adoptable dogs just yesterday alone with open runs. Several of them had only been there for two days. It’s an epidemic, and dogs are being killed without cause. They refuse to work with rescues, and have all but restricted networkers from taking pictures and trying to help spread the word about dogs in need. Please investigate this shelter and its new director. It is a dire situation.

  2. Cyndee McClintock says

    Also, it is important to note that three of these fuor dogs that were murdered had rescues coming to get them next week. This is truly horrible, and something needs to be done. Innocent dogs were murdered for no reason whatsoever.

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