January 23, 2022

Franklin man indicted on murder charges in death of UWG student

Samuel Lewis Edwards (Photo: ajc.com)

Samuel Lewis Edwards (Photo: ajc.com)

(Carrollton, GA) — A Franklin man has been booked into the Carroll County jail tonight after being indicted on six counts of malice murder and felony murder.

35-year-old Samuel Lewis Edwards was serving time in the Heard County jail on unrelated charges before being turned over to authorities in Carroll today.

Edwards is charged in the cold case death of Toyal Edwana Jackson, a 22-year-old University of West Georgia student from Dekalb County who was last seen Oct. 29, 2000 in Carrollton.

According to reports, Jackson was never seen alive again after she told her college roommates she was going to Wal-Mart.

According to an an article published today by The Times-Georgian, a Carrollton city sanitation worker discovered Jackson’s body on Nov. 30, 2000, while clearing a spray field at a city wastewater treatment facility. 

The Times-Georgian article also cites an email from Assistant District Attorney Jeff Hunt which states:  “On May 7, 2014, the Carroll County Grand Jury heard lengthy testimony from a detective with the Carrollton Police Department concerning the 2000 death of Toyal Jackson.”

“After deliberating on the officer’s testimony, the jury returned a true bill of indictment charging Samuel Lewis Edwards with murder and felony murder,” said Hunt. 

Because this is a pending case, the District Attorney’s Office and the Carrollton Police Department will be making no further comments. At this time, the family of Toyal Jackson does not wish to make a public statement and asks that members of the press please respect the family’s privacy,” Hunt added.

The cold case was reopened by the Carrollton Police Department in October of last year and the reward in the case was raised to $25,000 for information leading to an arrest and conviction of the person responsible for Jackson’s death.

Heard County arrest records indicate that Edwards was arrested on April 2, 2014 and charged with Obstruction of an Officer and Public Intoxication. Edwards was also arrested on October 31, 2013 and charged with Driving on Suspended License, Tail Light Requirement, Open Container and Failure to Maintain Lane.

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  1. Pat White says

    I hope they got the right person who kidnaped and killed the inocent Edwana Jackson at Walmart in Carrollton. I have been keeping up with this story since 08 when I used to see the crimestopper billboard on the way to Villa Rica to work. I frequent Walmart in Carrollton while living in heardcounty and it made me so uncomfortable knowing a killer was on the loose in my area. My ? Is how did they break the case was he driving the dull red Nissan truck that was on the wanted poster or was it DNA! Now that I look at the old wanted poster and then looking at the man in the mugshot it resembles the supect scketch. Its creepy how close these supect scketches can look so much like the real offenders.

    • Julie Edwards says

      Im his wife and funny enough there was no DNA because her body was not found for a month! And no a red truck was never recovered and he never owned one.

      • Kelley Towler says

        How are they linking this to him?

        • Unless your husband was assisting the Baxters boys in the halloween sacrafice h the Bae has been framed. The red truck belonged to one of Baxters boys. They the ones that did it who all else was involved who knows I expect a whole slew of redneck satanist!

      • Surely lots of investigation led to his arrest, & the presumption of innocence is part of our system. But it appears that you & your family are just more of his victims, because your lives will never be the same. My heart goes out to the victim’s family, who may finally get some answers, justice, and closure. Good luck.

      • They have only indicted him not convicted him. Prayer for God’s way and will.

      • I had him arrested a few years back at my store he came in after being released from jail that day and was trashed I asked him to leave and a few minutes later my friends wife came in scared saying he was harassing her trying to get in her car in the parking lot her husband is a cop so I told her to call him he was off duty at the time I went in the parking lot and told him it was time for him to leave he threatened to kill me then I waited until my friend got there he contacted other officers and knew Samuel by his name and nickname which is superman he is a piece of sh*t and deserves to be put in jail forever anyways after this happened I talked to my friend and he told me that they had suspected him of killing her when it happened but did not have enough proof for arrest him so this is not something that has just came up it has been going on forever thank you and be happy he is out of ur life and can’t do this to you

    • Its so sad altogether I feel for the victims family and hope they find closure. But I also knew Sam and went to school with him, this isn’t something that he would do, I really hope that they look at every thing and truly make sure everything is right.

      • Hope Patterson says

        I also went to school with him and knew him outside of school. Sam had a bad temper! So all of this I’m hearing is not a complete shock to me !

  2. Tonya Ellis Gafney says

    I have wondered about this case ever since it happened! I always hoped they would find the person who done this to that poor woman!! & I agree with Pat White, I’m wondering how they actually found out it was him! I’m sure he thought he had gotten away with it after so long!

  3. I been in jail with this crazy sob slept in tha same dorm with him he always acted weird talking to himself i hope they hang tha bastard let him see how death feel f-ing meth head wannabe body builder. .

  4. KellyIAM says

    Who cares if you’re the wife @Julie Edwards, you know deep down inside that he did it. So keep forever holding your peace and touch now because this scum bag is NOT Innocent!!

  5. The reports said it was his bragging about killing her, that put the focus on him. He would have been 21 at the time. She was 22.

  6. I don’t know mr edwards.Kelly you must be a fortune teller to know what somebody else knows.Are you had to be with Mr Edwards.

  7. Ask old uncle Hugh about the truck. sure is funny Edwards also bragged around my boyfriend about using a chop shop in Alabama…

  8. My daughter contacted the police and told them they needed to look at this guy back when they reopened the case and the police blew her off..she said they were actually rude and threading made her feel real uncomfortable. Back in when this happened my daughters knew some of his friends and this guy talked about doing this murder openly he painted his truck and took the camper off of it…back then a mother of 2 teen age daughters…I attempted to report this info and I was told by Carroll County that they were not interested in here say and blew me off..if I was this girls parents I’d be pissed about the way Carroll County handled the whole investigation.

    • That is because Reeve and Richards contract with cousin Property just like the Baxter family does. I would not be suprise if Detective Reeve, and all the law enforcement Richards were at the holloween sacrafice!!

  9. Jonathan says

    Just FYI for everyone…the police do not break cold cases with hunches. There is far too great of a possibility of losing at trial. Cold cases like this are usually heavy in physical evidence and testimony of other people. They probably could not have secured that indictment without a fair amount of evidence pointing to this man. Usually indictments are very easy to secure, but in cold cases jury members are very skeptical of police saying “we got the right guy after 14 years”, they usually don’t want to upset someones life over a hunch. So when this gets to trial this ought to be very interesting.

  10. Just because they did not come back and brief you on their investigation does not mean that they did not check the information that you provided. I’m sure they didn’t blow you off. I know the Lt. in charge of this investigation and there is no way on earth that he would not or did not look under every stone in search of the killer.

  11. Jonathan says

    Daddy is dean on the money with that. Investigators may take your information without asking too many questions. They put together the puzzle with a bunch of information. People think what they see on Law and Order is real and that’s really not how it works. If investigators told you every move they were making or even spoke to you too much, it could compromise the investigation because people might….as well can see here….get on a blog and talk about what was discussed. LOL!!!

    • Great point, Jonathan. Wendy’s tip may have indeed helped this indictment. I highly doubt they “blew her off.”

      I also hope others tippers didn’t withhold information until the reward was raised. How heartless.

      May Toyal Jackson have Justice and Peace.

  12. It is true that Carroll County is full of good ol boys who are all related to each other in some way or they all went to school together since first grade or they’ve gone to similar churches for years or they all have wives and daughters who are working for their various office or they all frequent the same watering holes and use the same businesses for years or they all hunt and play together. Dark side of the supposedly “healthy and rustic country life”. As an outsider, I find it alarming at times at times how cozy they all are. I understand your concerns Wanda. Can I get an Amen.

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