January 22, 2019

Franklin Police Use Taser to Prevent Suicide Attempt

(Franklin, GA) — Local authorities used a taser to thwart a man’s potential attempt at suicide in the city of Franklin Saturday morning.

Lieutenant Tino Brooks and officer Tim Rowley responded to a call at a Franklin Parkway residence at 10:54 a.m. in response to an irate individual threatening suicide.

Upon arrival at the home, Brooks and Rowley along with assistance from Heard County Sheriff’s deputies found a 34-year-old male outside the residence with a knife held to his own throat.

According to a report from Franklin Police Chief Kevin Hannah, the officers attempted to reason with the man for several minutes when he brandished a second larger knife and appeared to be prepared to take his own life.

At this time, the officers used a taser to subdue the man for his own protection. He was then transported to Tanner Medical Center for a mental evaluation.


  1. So sad, but I’m glad he’s gonna get the help he needs. He’s such a good person..

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