December 10, 2018

Franklin restaurants given green light to serve liquor

(Franklin, GA) — In a special called meeting Thursday at City Hall, the Franklin City Council approved an updated alcohol ordinance to implement the serving of distilled spirits in restaurants possibly as soon as this weekend for establishments that already serve beer and wine.

An alcohol referendum passed by a vote of 63-52 in the city election on November 7 to allow the approval of the new ordinance.

Three restaurants in the city currently hold a beer and wine license and these businesses will be able to upgrade their current licenses for the remainder of 2017 for a fee of $100 if they so choose.

New applicants would not be eligible to serve until January 1 of 2018. The fee for a liquor license in 2018 will be $2000 and will then increase to $2500 in 2019.

Currently, a beer and wine only license in the city is $1500 and will still be available for businesses that choose not to serve liquor.

The ordinance passed by a vote of 4-0 on a motion by councilman Cliff Jiles. The fee structured was also approved by a 4-0 vote after a motion by councilman Kevin Hayes. Councilman Bo Almond was not present at the meeting.

City attorney David Mecklin explained the updated ordinance and proposed fee schedule to the council prior to approval. The short called meeting lasted just five minutes.


  1. DANG. In major cities licenses for beer and wine can be $10,000 and up and adding liquor $15,000 and up. I need to open a bar in HC!

  2. The price is the reason the city is gonna be an over flow of bars and restaurants. Believe me if anyone else other than loc mex had asked for liquor license this would never been put on the ballot.

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