October 22, 2021

Franklin square to welcome new restaurant; Alcohol to be served

According to a city council report released today by Gracie Rowe, the city of Franklin is about to welcome a brand new restaurant to town.

New Franklin business owners, brothers Jeremy and Bryan Rogers, told the Franklin City Council Thursday night about their plans to open the former Captain Billy’s restaurant as a Mexican restaurant with a wine and beer license in a partnership with the former operator of the Loco Mex of Bowdon.

These brothers have successful Mexican restaurants in Alabama and are projecting the opening of their Franklin location to be around Thanksgiving. They plan to stay open seven days a week. (Image courtesy of The Carrollton Menu)


  1. That is good news, Maybe it will bring a little life back to our small town. Good Luck!

  2. Burrito Express did not last very long. I really feel bad for the Burrito Express people. They put all that money in to making the place into a restaurant and just before they open up Red Burrito comes into Hardees right across the street. Once that happened they did not have a chance. Maybe this place will have better luck. I will for sure try them out.

  3. I think it’s great that Franklin is finally moving into 21st. century. Its nice to go have a mexican fiesta, and enjoy a beer. I hope it will be very sucessful and everyone can enjoy it. Franklin needs new business to prosper and add to the community. I just hope the police will let people enjoy a beer with there meal without being hassled.

  4. Well, lets all see who the first one to (well you know) will be.

  5. Oh well, more drunk drivers on Friday and Saturday night when our teenagers are coming home from high school events. I hope the police sit at City Hall and watch those who go there, drink more than they should, and arrest them and get them off the streets before someone gets killed. One problem we will have is the City will tell it’s officers NOT to arrest people coming out of the restaurant and if they do they will be fired! So good luck to all of us NON DRUNK DRIVERS. The roads around Thanksgiving will be even MORE dangerous!
    And don’t tell me there won’t be any drunk drivers coming out of there! I know everyone who goes there won’t be drinking and driving but the risk increases when they do. Also, the tax revenues won’t be enough to pay for the increased violations, accidents, jail time, increased court costs to the City.
    @ Bob Kent – life back to our little City? Since when did alcohol EVER bring “LIFE” back to anywhere in the world? It actually brings death where ever it is introduced. Its consumption has been linked to cirrhosis of the liver, epilepsy, poisonings, road traffic accidents, violence, and several types of cancer, including cancers of the colorectum, breast, larynx and liver. So if we want ‘LIFE’ back into our little City, let’s not glorify alcohol as the way to go.

    @bigron59 – In the United States, every 30 minutes someone is killed in an alcohol related traffic accident. Over 15 million Americans are dependent on alcohol. 500,000 are between the age of 9 and 12. Up to 40% of all industrial fatalities and 47% of industrial injuries can be linked to alcohol consumption and alcoholism. Alcohol and alcohol related problems is costing the American economy at least $100 million in health care and lost of productivity every year. Among spouse violence victims, three out of four incidents were reported to have involved alcohol use by the offender(source: http://www.drug-rehabs.org/alcohol-statistics.php). So let us not welcome this City into the 21st Century creating more of these type of incidents. And if you plan to have a beer with your Mexican supper, please don’t drink and drive be a part of these statistics. AND, if you do decide to have a beer with your supper and drive, I hope you get caught and get locked up before you KILL SOMEONE!

    Any City Councilman voting for this measure will be voted out of office and as far as I’m concerned will be 100% responsible for any alcohol-related deaths linked to this restaurant. We don’t need this in our community!

    I would rather see the building remain empty than for someone to come in and serve alcohol to irresponsible ADULTS who will end up killing our citizens. And I hope the establishment fails as there will be NO benefit whatsoever to bringing in a restaurant that serves alcohol.

  6. LOL, what about all the people that just want to have a beer or 2 or a glass of wine with their meal? Can’t you just let them enjoy life? Actually research shows that 1 to 2 drinks a day are good for your health. Now if you really want to solve a problem with stupid laws then outlaw fried foods, sodas, and sweets at restaurants. Obesity kills me people than anything else. Heart disease, cancer, and stroke are the top 3 causes of death in the US. Heart disease in the south is epidemic, check out this link, http://www.worldlifeexpectancy.com/usa/top-15-causes-of-death

    • Drink all you want! But don’t leave the house, go out in public driving to a restaurant, then drink and drive home! Amazing that people think its okay to drin a little with supper and that’s not drinking and driving. I bet all the familes who have lost loved ones to drunk drivers feel different than you do Reality. While you and others “ENJOY” life, they deal with the pain everyday from people making stupid decisions!
      Drinking and driving affects more than just YOU, it affects those who are on the road at the same time. Over eating, choosing to eat unhealthy foods is a choice you make and it can only kill you, not others.
      Somebody needs a dose of something other than Reality!

      • LOL, when did I say it was okay to drink and drive in my comment? There are plenty of people that go to a restaurant and have a few drinks and their spouse or friend drives home. Just because you may not like to drink doesn’t mean you should force your views on everyone else. I like to have a drink at restaurants from time to time but if I have more than one I always let my wife drive. Most people out there are responsible folks. Yes there some that are not so that’s why I agree with tough DUI laws. Let’s punish the guilty, not everyone. Oh, and you mentioned how alcoholism affects the economy and healthcare cost, obesity affects these also except at a much larger rate. According to Reuters obesity now cost America $190 Billion in healthcare cost (not counting lost productivity). That’s a little more than the $100 million you say alcohol cost in healthcare and lost productivity wouldn’t you say?

  7. Randy Bryan says

    I still remember most of the junk I got into back in the 70’s and how I didn’t care for anyone but myself. Them days are gone. If someone wants to have a drink while they are eatting ,,, that’s them. I am not crazy about spicy food, but I am glad they are comming to franklin. I don’t like the taste of beer, and I do not have the sense to stop drinking if I start, so the best thing for me to do is leave it alone. I know what kind of fool that stuff makes me. Some other people know how it makes me also. A preacher told us at church, they asked him if he was for letting them sell beer in Bowdon. He told them he was not for it. well the boot legers would sale it, they said. He replyed, just because there are snakes in the woods does not mean you don’t have to keep the grass cut around the house.


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