July 24, 2021

Georgia Power Admits Non-Ownership of Cemetery Property, Flags to Remain

In a statement released today by Georgia Power media spokesperson Mark Williams, he reported that after a thorough title search was conducted that Georgia Power does not own the property associated with the Old Yellow Dirt Baptist Cemetery.

The cemetery is located on the grounds of Plant Wansley in Heard/Carroll counties in West Georgia.

“We have completed a title search and survey and we have concluded that there are portions of the property in question including the cemetery that are owned by the Webbs and we met with them earlier this week and let them know that,” stated Williams.

Williams stated that the Webbs will be able to decide what does or does not go on the graves, but that for security reasons Georgia Power will still control access to the cemetery and visitors will still be required to check in at the security gate.

Protesters outside the gates of Plant Wansley earlier this week.


  1. Alan R. Lee says

    Those politicaly correct folks need to get off their high horse. If you don’t like what the South stands for, then leave!!! We don’t want you here anyhow!!!

  2. Edward Ruffin says

    Compatriot Lee is right, FEDS, AND FED LOVERS, OUT OF DIXIE!

  3. Bob Bonner " Rakkasan says

    Born in the North but Southern by choice. I am with the South 100% No one asks the nitwits to stay, if you find it distasteful go back to the North. The South will change Washington in 2012!!
    Y’all can take that to the bank.

  4. They cant restrict access, and have to grant an easement, which they cannot control. Next step should be to file suit to open the road.

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