January 23, 2022

Heard County Jury finds Teddy Lee Fincher Guilty on 12 Charges

Teddy Lee Fincher

Teddy Lee Fincher

(Franklin) — A Heard County jury found 53-year-old Teddy Lee Fincher guilty on 12 counts Friday relating to his original arrest in the summer of 2012 and subsequent actions in early 2013.

The jury deliberated only a short time before finding Fincher guilty on five counts relating to an incident occurring on August  31, 2012 where he allegedly broke into a home and assaulted two females with a crowbar in the presence of a child.

Fincher was also found guilty on seven other charges that occurred in early 2013 when he attempted to prevent one of the females from testifying against him in court.

One charge of Aggravated Assault from the March 17, 2014 indictment indicates that Fincher assaulted the same woman by forcibly injecting her with a controlled substance.

The last two counts of the indictment involved a third woman that Fincher allegedly harmed by beating and kicking her.

Overall, Fincher was found guilty of one count of Burglary, three counts of Aggravated Assault, one count of Cruelty to Children, one count of criminal trespass, two counts of Aggravated Stalking, one count of influencing a Witness, two counts of False Imprisonment, and one count of Battery.

Judge John Simpson presided over the case and sentencing is scheduled for August 13, 2014 in Heard County Superior Court.


  1. Parently Mr Fincher has never encountered someone like myself…..Or he wouldn’t be able to SIT behind bars …Or for that matter SIT anywhere else

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