January 17, 2021

Heard County libraries returning to curbside service only

(Franklin, GA) — As per the Pandemic Services Plan passed by the West Georgia Regional System Library Board, all Heard County libraries will be closed to the general public effective Tuesday, July 14, 2020.

All libraries will be going back to curbside service.

Please call each library before you go and tell the staff what you need and they will bring it to the door.

You can also manage your account online by placing holds, etc.

The number for the Ephesus Library is 770-854-7323, Centralhatchee Library is 678-853-9047, and the Heard County Library in Franklin is 706-675-6501.

This will be until further notice as the Library Board watches the Covid-19 levels in Heard County. The WGRLS thanks you for your cooperation!


  1. Kelly A Obracay says

    Okay that’s great but they’re at curbside and they want our kids to go to school face-to-face how is that possible how is it right one person in a class gets contaminated the whole class has to shut down and then if they have kids in another class that has sibling then that class gets shut down so I don’t understand how you think that this is the right choice I would love to have an option like Tri-County and other counties in this state have for virtual online classes for the next semester

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