January 28, 2021

Heard County schools launching emergency COVID-19 feeding program

(Franklin, GA) — The Heard County School system announced Thursday morning the implementation of a new COVID-19 Feeding Program for Heard County students.

Superintendent Rodney Kay says the program will take place on Mondays and Thursday from 5:00 PM until 6:30 PM at Heard County Elementary School in Franklin.

The program will lunch next Monday, March 23 and there will be no more pickups this week. Read Mr. Kay’s complete statement below.

Attention Brave Nation:

Our school nutrition department will now take over the feeding program which Ms. June Barber began.

The program will continue in the same manner in which it began with Heard County Elementary School being the one “pick up” spot for the entire school system.

There are some changes you need to be aware of though: THERE WILL BE NO MORE PICK-UPS UNTIL MONDAY, MARCH 23RD.

1.  The pick-ups will now be scheduled on Mondays and Thursdays from the hours of 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM. We hope with the pick-ups being later in the evening folks who are working will be able to take advantage of the program as well.

2.  The children who are picking up meals must be in the vehicle for us to verify.

3.  The pick-ups are for children 18 and under and for special needs children under the age of 21.

4.  If you are not able to physically come to the pick-up spot then please contact Ms. June Barber so she can work with you. She can be reached by email at June.barber@heard.k12.ga.us or you may text information to 678-877-2151.

The Heard County School System will continue this program until our children return to our buildings.

Right now, the Governor has cancelled all schools across Georgia until April 1, 2020.

We will keep you posted on the status of things through our various outlets of communication.

Rodney Kay,

Heard County School Superintendent

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