September 25, 2021

Heard County Voters Say Yes to Boone, Jennings, and education SPLOST

(Franklin, GA) — With all Heard County precincts reporting tonight, voters have made their voices heard on the three major local ballot items placed before them during Tuesday’s Primary/Non-Partisan elections.

Incumbent Heard County Chairman Lee Boone

Incumbent Heard County Chairman Lee Boone

In the biggest race, incumbent Heard County Commission Chairman Lee Boone handily defeated former chairperson June Jackson on the Republican ticket.

Boone garnered 930 votes (70.4%) to Jackson’s 391 (29.6%) to secure his position for the next four years. Boone was pleased with the outcome.

“When I ran four years ago I asked the voters to give me a chance to show them what I could do and I have busted my rear end for the last three and a half years and given it my all — and hard work pays off,” said Chairman Boone at the courthouse after the results were posted.

“I am humbled by the results tonight and being re-elected for another four years. I plan on giving it my all again for each of those four years.”

Boone won by a slightly higher margin than he did when he faced Jackson head-to-head in the Republican primary run-off  in 2012.

With no Democratic qualifiers for November’s general election, Boone will retain his seat barring a possible independent qualifier.

“The people have spoken and have gotten what they wanted,” said Jackson as she left the courthouse Tuesday evening.

In the other contested election incumbent Chief Magistrate Brenda Jennings defeated first time candidate Mart Hyatt. Jennings received 830 votes (62.41%) to Hyatt’s 500 (37.59%).

“To every one of my supporters, well-wishers, family, and friends — I thank you!,” said Jennings via her facebook campaign page late Tuesday. “I am extremely grateful to have been given the opportunity to continue to serve such an amazing community.”

There were also no Democratic qualifiers for the position meaning Jennings is likely to hold her seat barring the emergence of any independent candidates.

In the other important vote on the ballot, Heard voters once again said “Yes” to continuation of the 1% Sales and Use Tax for Education. The “Yes” votes easily outnumbered the “No” votes 1035-359 meaning the special tax for education projects will continue for the next five years.

All other local candidates ran unopposed in the primaries and will hold their seats barring independent opposition.

The non-partisan positions were decided for certain today with Greg Holcomb and Mike Crockett securing school board seats while Joseph Bledsoe will remain the Probate Court Judge.


  1. Taxation is Theft

    • Head across the county line and see how much trouble troup county schools are in. When you invest in something good you normally receive a good return. When top local teachers see a town investing in their trade that is where they want to teach and the results have been remarkable. Same goes for athletics. When a school continuously puts money into its program coaches want to come or the awesome ones we currently have want to stay.

  2. Congratulations ,Commissioner Lee Boone!
    Brenda Ethridge

  3. Judge Brenda Jennings, Congratulations on your win!!!!!!!! Brenda Ethridge

  4. Congratulations Lee! June Jackson,,, bah-hahahahahahahahaha.. You are welcome!

  5. I’m assuming the “Karen” commenting above is the same Karen that was brought up on 5 charges in Heard County for Criminal Trespass among other charges? Maybe not but if so, let us know how that worked out for you! LOL

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