November 26, 2020

Heard Deputy and Detention Officer placed on leave pending investigation into last week’s ATV death

Heard County Sheriff’s Deputy Ryan Nicholas Loubet and Steven Scott Griffin, a detention officer at the Heard County jail, have both been placed on paid leave by Sheriff Ross Henry while an investigation continues into the accidental four-wheeler death of  Griffin’s wife, Brittany which occurred last week.

Henry stated that the two men will remain on leave pending the results of an  investigation by the Georgia State Patrol’s Specialized Collision Reconstruction Team.

New information was reported by John Winters of the Newnan Times-Herald  yesterday indicating that on the night of the accident, the two men had driven Brittany from Corinth Road in Coweta County about two miles into Heard County to Pop’s Grocery before calling 911. Pop’s Grocery is located in the Corinth community in Heard County.

According to the report, the preliminary investigation by the Georgia State Troopers indicated that the four-wheeler driven by Griffin left the roadway and impacted the rear of another four-wheeler driven by Loubet. Brittany Griffin, a passenger on her husband’s ATV was thrown off the back.

Georgia State Trooper First Class Corey Alligood  told the Times-Herald that Griffin and Loubet placed Brittany Griffin on her husband’s four-wheeler at the scene of the accident on Corinth Road in Coweta County and drove about two miles to Pop’s Grocery which is located in Heard County where they then called 911.

Griffin was transported to Piedmont Newnan Hospital where she was pronounced dead. Stay tuned to for further updates on this story as they become available.

Steven Griffin


  1. I feel like I could see why the moved her since it happened where it did.
    and even if the left her where it happened, moving a person with head trauma usually doesn’t affect the injury.

  2. I feel these two men were in a situation of do we leave her alone and go for help or should one of hold her and all go for help. It’s sad enough there was a death involved but to punish the ones that were trying to help during this terrible accident is unheard of. I am sure her husband is suffering enough

  3. Jennifer says

    I know Steve and Brittany personally and know that Steve would never do anything to hurt Brittany, she was his life. If anyone knows anything about Corinth Rd, they know that there is no cell service at all out there. So, I can see why they went to where they could get help for her. Brittany would not want anything to happen to Steve or Ryan either one. She was where she wanted to be, doing what she’s done all her life. Doing what we have all done at one time or another. And as we all know when it’s your time to go it’s your time to go and there’s nothing anyone can do. I hope and pray that they close this s an accident as we all know it was.

  4. In that I have a son that this could have just as easily happened to, I am wondering what the editor of this paper would have to say if it had been his child. Would you continuously want an accident which resulted in the death of a LOVED one continuously blasted over the media? In my opinion, tell the story, notify the public of an accidental death, and LEAVE IT ALONE. All members of this lady’s family need to be left alone to grieve her loss- her husband, their roommate, her parents, and siblings. She was an adult who sadly died doing something which was reported in her obituary that she loved to do. There are hundreds of people who suffer a horrible death, she died doing something that she loved to do. Enough is enough!

  5. RIP Brittany says

    I call bs on this. I know Steve would have never done a thing in the world to hurt Brittany, anyone that was put in that situation would do the exact same thing! Everything happens for a reason and in my opinion, Steve is NOT TO BLAME!!!

  6. how long does it take. this is crazy. they were in a area where they couldnt call for help and the only option was to wait an hour for someone to pass by or to go get help. just drop it. Steve has hurt enough by loosing his wife of not even a year. i cant begin to think of being in his shoes. this happened in may and now it the end of august. brittney is missed very very much. steve, you know who your supporters are!

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